Transport & Motoring

Transport & Motoring

Vehicle Licence, Registration & Examination

Fluid Grids

Information for Car Owner

Become a Car Owner

Find out the steps and actions one should take before becoming a registered owner of a car in Hong Kong.

Vehicle Safety Standards

Here you can browse the regulations and guidelines on vehicle standards. Details on allowed modifications are available too.

Email notification service for the issue of the Certificate of Particulars of Vehicle

Individual registered vehicle owners can subscribe to a free-of-charge email notification service for the issue of the Certificate of Particulars of Vehicle.

Disposal of Unwanted Vehicles

You can find more information on how to properly dispose of your unwanted vehicle here.

Auction of Vehicle Registration Marks

Auction of Traditional Vehicle Registration Marks

Learn how you can obtain your favourite traditional registration marks by auction and check out when the next auction will be held. You can also find the results of recent auctions here.

Auction of Personalized Vehicle Registration Marks

Vehicle owners can choose their preferred vehicle registration marks by applying to the Transport Department and going through a bidding exercise. Check out the details of the Personalized Vehicle Registration Marks Scheme here.

Vehicle Registration & Licencing

Reminder for Vehicle Licence Renewal

Subscribe to Reminder for Vehicle Licence Renewal on MyGovHK to enquire about the expiry date of your vehicle licence and receive reminders to renew your vehicle licence through the Internet.

Importation and Registration of Motor Vehicles

Check out the steps and tax rates for importing motor vehicles to Hong Kong.

Registration & Licensing of Vehicles

Vehicles need to be registered and licenced before they may be driven or used on a road in Hong Kong. Learn about the registration and licencing requirements and the application procedures. You can also download the application forms here.

Vehicle Licence and Other Fees

Vehicle licence fees of different vehicle classes and cylinder capacities or permitted gross vehicle weights are different. You can find the vehicle licence fees of different types here. This webpage also shows the fees for transfer of vehicle ownership, vehicle permit and certificate, vehicle registration / registration mark, etc.

Online Checking System for Hire Car Permit

You can check whether a private car has been issued with a valid hire car permit ("HCP") for carriage of passengers for hire or reward.

Online Services for Vehicle Registration & Examination

Online Services for Vehicle Registration & Examination

Internet options are available for frequently used services including renewal of vehicle licence, enquiry about availability of vehicle registration mark, booking for annual vehicle examination and more.

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