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FAQs about Legislation on Occupational Safety & Health

Find answers to frequently asked questions about legislation on occupational safety and health.

Occupational Safety & Health Information Centre

Look up related legislation and other useful information on occupational safety and health in this webpage.

Training & Seminars Organised by Occupational Safety & Health Council

Here you can check out a variety of training programmes, seminars and conferences to meet the demands of various industries, and download the application form or enroll online. You may also access the e-learning platform.

Occupational Safety & Health Services

A wide range of occupational safety and health services are offered by the Labour Department. Check out the details here.

Occupational Safety and Health Centre

The Centre provides employers and employees with information and certificate courses on occupational safety and health. Check out the details here.

Occupational Health Clinics

These Clinics provide diagnosis and treatment for work related diseases, counselling service, recommendations for healthy working environment, etc.

Occupational Health for Office Workers

Learn about the potential health risks of office work and how to ensure occupational health in the office environment.

Medical Examinations & Radiation Monitoring Services for Radiation Workers

Here you can submit application for Medical Examinations appointment sessions and Radiation Monitoring Services for your employees in any radiation work. You can also view your radiation dose records if you are an individual user of Radiation Monitoring Services.

Occupational Health Talk

The nursing staff of the Occupational Health Service pay promotional visits to various industrial and commercial establishments to give talks on possible health hazards in their work environment and advise on the respective preventive measures. Find out the contact details here.

Occupational Health Public Talk

Check out the occupational health public talks in each month and download the registration form here.

Free Training Courses on Occupational Safety & Health

Check out details of the training courses on occupational safety and health for personnel in public and private sectors and download the booklet and application form here.

Partnership Program with Employers

Join this Program to work with the OSHC to launch improvement projects to reduce hazards in the workplace and enhance the safety management system. Learn more here.

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