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The Natural Resources & Nature Conservation Policy in Hong Kong

Nature conservation is a central feature of the Government's plans for the future of Hong Kong. Learn about the diversity of local natural resources and what the Government is doing to manage and protect them.

The Natural Environment, Plants & Animals in Hong Kong

Hong Kong's rich biodiversity is both the advantage of its location and wise management of resources. Learn more about the natural environment of Hong Kong, the species within its borders, informative websites maintained by Government departments, and the Hong Kong biodiversity database.

Register of Old & Valuable Trees

The Hong Kong Government has established a Register of Old and Valuable Trees to ensure that the trees can be well preserved and maintained, which are our heritage and precious natural resources. Learn more about the Register, what it records for protection and how to access it.

Protection of Endangered Species

Learn about Hong Kong's international commitment to endangered species, local initiatives to protect them, what the Government is doing to regulate the trade in endangered species, public awareness activities and the Endangered Species Resource Centre.

Last review date: June 2017
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