Living in Hong Kong

Living in Hong Kong

Living in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong Welcomes U

This one-stop web portal hosts a wide range of information on employment, education, investment and immigration matters as well as social, recreational and cultural activities for those wanting to learn more about relocating to and living in Hong Kong.

Settling in Hong Kong

Here you can learn the different aspects of living in Hong Kong and how you can settle in, as well as information and support services for new arrivals to integrate into the community.

Overview of Hong Kong

Want to know more about Hong Kong? This article tells you the basic facts about Hong Kong such as the form of government, climate, geography and public holidays.

Overview of Hong Kong

Culture & History of Hong Kong

Find the places to dig into the territory’s historical background and cultural diversity.

Housing & Social Services in Hong Kong

Visit the Housing & Social Services section of GovHK for information and services related to housing, public utilities, social services, etc.

Housing & Social Services in Hong Kong

Bringing Pets to Hong Kong

Learn about the application procedures for bringing animals to Hong Kong, licensing requirements and registered vets.

Bringing Pets to Hong Kong

Health & Medical Services in Hong Kong

In the Health & Medical Services section of GovHK you can find the healthcare services and resources available in Hong Kong.

Culture, Leisure & Sports in Hong Kong

Visit the Culture, Leisure & Sports section of GovHK to find a variety of programmes and facilities for recreation, sports, culture and performing arts in Hong Kong, e.g. parks, trails, campgrounds, museums, libraries, arts venues and ticketing service.

Leisure Entertainment in Hong Kong

This article tells you where to go for leisure entertainment in Hong Kong.

Doing Sports in Hong Kong

Here you can find information on indoor sports facilities, water sports, hiking and other expeditions in Hong Kong.

Transport & Motoring in Hong Kong

The Transport & Motoring section of GovHK has information on the public transport systems, the road and rail networks in Hong Kong. If you are thinking about driving or owning a car in Hong Kong, you can also find relevant information and services here.

Environment in Hong Kong

Visit the Environment section of GovHK for environmental data and learn more about the environmental protection and conservation initiatives in Hong Kong.

Communications & Technology in Hong Kong

The Communications & Technology section features information and service related to telecommunications, broadcasting, information technology, and support for innovation and technological development in Hong Kong.

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