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Registration & Licences

Bankruptcy & Winding-up

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Information about Bankruptcies and Compulsory Winding-up of Companies

Get more information about bankruptcies and compulsory winding-up of companies on this webpage.

Online Search Service on Bankruptcy and Compulsory Winding-up Records

You can conduct an online search through this service for bankruptcy or compulsory winding-up of companies.

Online Application for “Letter Confirming No Objection to Issuance of Certificate of Discharge by the High Court” (“No-objection Letter”)

A discharged bankrupt of whom the Official Receiver is the trustee can use this online service to apply for a “No-objection Letter”.

Online Request for Appointment on Application for “Letter of Authorization for Opening / Maintaining Savings Account of a Bankrupt”

An undischarged bankrupt of whom the Official Receiver is the provisional trustee / trustee can use this online service to request for an appointment to apply for a “Letter of Authorization for opening / maintaining a savings account”.

Online Application for “Certificate of Non-Bankruptcy”

You can use this online service to apply for a “Certificate of Non-Bankruptcy”, which specifies you are not a bankrupt and are not subject to any bankruptcy petitions pending court’s hearing as at the Official Receiver’s Office’s receipt date of the application.

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