Education & Training

Education & Training

Secondary Education

Fluid Grids

Education System & Curriculum

Overview of Secondary School Education

Learn more about the Government's policy and programmes for raising the quality of secondary school education in Hong Kong.

Overview of Secondary School Education

Secondary Education Curriculum

Access the curriculum guides for secondary school education and reference materials for teachers and parents here.

Applied Learning in Senior Secondary Education

Students can choose Applied Learning courses in the senior secondary curriculum. It aims to provide students with opportunities to explore their career aspirations and orientation for lifelong learning in specific areas.

Medium of Instruction in Secondary Education

Find out the Government's policy on medium of instruction in Secondary Education as well as the guidance and support to schools.

Recommended Textbook List

This webpage contains lists of textbooks and learning materials recommended for use in schools. The lists are updated regularly.

Recommended Textbook List

IT in Education

For information and resources on IT in Education, please visit this web page.

IT in Education
Schools & Admission Information

Secondary School Profiles

This website allows you to search for secondary schools by district and provides comprehensive information about the schools.

Direct Subsidy Scheme Schools

Check out the list of Direct Subsidy Scheme schools and reference for parents here.

International Schools in Hong Kong

This website provides information relating to international schools in Hong Kong for the parents, existing and potential school operators and the community.

Choosing a Secondary School

Learn about how to choose a secondary school for your children and how to apply for admission to Secondary 1.

Choosing a Secondary School

Secondary School Places Allocation (SSPA) System

Learn more about the allocation of subsidised Secondary 1 places to Primary 6 students under the SSPA System. You can also check out lists of participating secondary schools at the discretionary places and central allocation stages.

Secondary 4 Placement Mechanism

Learn more about how Secondary 3 leavers of government, aided and caput schools may pursue study in Secondary 4 or full-time Post Secondary 3 craft courses under the NSS academic structure.

Placement Assistance

Check out the frequently asked questions about school placement.

Vacancy Situation of Schools

Obtain contact means to know the actual vacancy situation at individual schools in the district.

Fees and Charges for Government, Aided and Private Secondary Schools

Check out the fees and charges for studying in government, aided and private secondary schools.

Quality Assurance for Schools

Learn about the framework of School Development and Accountability adopted by the Government in assuring the quality of education in local kindergartens, primary and secondary schools.

Committee on Home-School Co-operation

The Committee aims to promote home-school cooperation for the nurturing of the younger generations and educational development of the community. Find out more information here.

Out of School Learning

Education Resources for Secondary Students

Check out educational resources for secondary school students on various topics such as health, culture, environment and IT security.

Education Resources for Secondary Students

Notes on Choosing Private Schools Offering Non-formal Curriculum (PSNFCs) (PDF File)

Find the points to note when choosing a PSNFC (including tutorial schools) here.

Search for Private Schools Offering Non-formal Curriculum (PSNFCs)

This webpage allows you to search for PSNFCs (including tutorial schools) and their relevant information.

Records of Contraventions of the Education Ordinance and Convictions in respect of Schools

Check out the records of contraventions of the Education Ordinance and convictions in respect of schools here.

Examinations & Assessments

Examinations & Assessments

Find out the fundamentals of the concept of Assessment for Learning, as well as the various levels of examinations, from Basic Competency Assessments, the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination to past public examinations here. You can also learn about other local and international examinations on this website.

Examinations & Assessments
Further Studies & Career Guidance

Local Further Studies

Find out information and services for students who plan to further their studies in Hong Kong. Information on professional and vocational training is also available.

Non-local Further Studies

Learn about the government information and services related to studying outside Hong Kong.

Continuing Education & Vocational Training

Check out information on continuing education, vocational training, non-local higher education courses, etc.

Continuing Education & Vocational Training

Job Hunting Tips for the Youth

Learn about career information and services for the youth, as well as job seeking skills and tips on avoiding employment traps.

Job Hunting Tips for the Youth
Financial Assistance & Scholarships

Financial Assistance for Secondary Education

Check out the details on application and eligibility for various financial assistances provided for secondary students.


Check out various scholarships offered by the government and non-governmental organisations.

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