Educational Resources for Primary and Secondary Students

Education is no longer confined to classroom, but extends to the World Wide Web, which allows students to learn new things and pursue their interest at their own pace. This article provides links to websites which provide educational resources on various topics for primary and secondary school students.



The following links provide various health information such as adolescent health, sex education, oral care, food safety as well as smoking, alcohol and drug abuse.


Drug Abuse & Other Addictions


General health informationAdolescent health and sex educationNutrition information

Cultural Activities


Learning can take place in a library or other educational environment such as heritage and museums.

Public library resourcesHeritage and museums


Environmental issue is becoming a major concern of the world and needs our participation. The following link provides tips on green living and details of environment-related activities.

More on public education and activities about environmental protection

The Green Education and Resource Centre of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department organises free guided visits and greening workshops for schools and non-profit making organisations.

More on Green Education and Resource Centre

Want to know more about weather phenomena? The Hong Kong Observatory website provides educational resources on meteorology, earthquake, astronomy, etc. Information on courses and activities to enhance the public's knowledge of the weather is also available.

Educational resources from the Hong Kong Observatory

IT Security

While having fun with surfing the Internet and online social networking, youngsters may be exposed to risks such as getting viruses and leaking personal data. The following links lead you to tips on being a smart Internet and computer user.

Tips on being a smart Internet surferMore on cyber ethics for students and youth

Moral and Civic Education

Moral and civic education is vital for the young's development of positive values and sense of community. The Committee on the Promotion of Civic Education provides multi-media and interactive materials for students. You may also visit ICAC Moral Education Web for useful materials on promoting ethics and moral awareness among students.

Website by Committee on the Promotion of Civic EducationICAC Moral Education WebOverview of Hong Kong
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