Pre-Primary Education

Pre-Primary Education

Education System & Curriculum

Overview of Kindergarten Education in Hong Kong

Learn about the Government's policies and quality assurance mechanism for local kindergartens, as well as other useful information for parents.

Overview of Kindergarten Education in Hong Kong

Pre-Primary Education Curriculum

This webpage provides information on the curriculum for pre-primary education that places its core value on child-centredness.

Recommended Textbook List

This webpage contains lists of textbooks and learning materials recommended for use in schools. The lists are updated regularly.

Recommended Textbook List
Schools Information

Profiles of Kindergartens and Kindergarten-cum-child Care Centres

This website allows you to search for kindergartens or kindergarten-cum-child care centres by district, and provides relevant information.

Choosing a Kindergarten

Learn about how to choose a quality kindergarten for your children and other pre-primary alternatives.

Quality Assurance for Schools

Learn about the Quality Assurance Framework adopted by the Government in assuring the quality of education in local kindergartens.

Committee on Home-School Co-operation

The Committee aims to promote home-school cooperation for the nurturing of the younger generations and educational development of the community. Find out more information here.

Financial Assistance for Pre-primary Education

Free Quality Kindergarten Education Scheme

The Scheme provides eligible local non-profit-making kindergartens with a direct subsidy.

Kindergarten and Child Care Centre Fee Remission Scheme (KCFRS)

Learn more about the KCFRS which provides parents-in-need with financial assistance for their children to attend kindergartens or child care centres. 

Last revision date: September 2018
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