Government, Law & Order

Government, Law & Order

Government Structure

Fluid Grids

Government Structure

Learn about the scope of governance in Hong Kong, from implementation of the Basic Law to the branches of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government through this webpage.

Flags, Emblems and Anthem

Learn about the national flag, emblem and anthem as well as the regional flag and emblem of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Learn how they may be displayed or used.

Civil & Miscellaneous Lists

Look up the Civil and Miscellaneous Lists for an overview of the Civil Establishment as well as the membership and contact information of statutory bodies and non-statutory advisory bodies. This site also provides links to the websites of respective entities.

Offices outside HK

This page covers the ways of contact and the links of webpage for all Overseas Offices outside Hong Kong.

District Governance

The policy objective of the Government in district governance is to build a harmonious community and enhance the well-being of the people. Learn more about the District Governance through this web site.

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