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GovHK is the one-stop portal of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government with the main content provided by participating Government bureaux and departments, making those information and services of the public sector easier to find and use. Since the launch of GovHK in 2007, we have never stopped enhancing our service delivery with regard to portal design, variety of online services and information so as to let users get what they want all in one place.

What GovHK Does

GovHK features links to information and services and organises them by user groups of "Residents", "Business & Trade", "Non-Residents" and different social groups. Under each user group, information and online services are categorised by subjects such as "Immigration Services", "Taxes & Duties" and "Employment", rather than government bodies. This way, you can find what you need without having to know which government organisation is responsible for a particular service or programme. You can also make use of our powerful search engine to find the information and services that you are looking for.

In 2016, responsive web design was adopted on GovHK to cater for access from mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets. This provides optimal viewing and interaction experience by automatically adjusting the contents to fit different screen sizes, resolutions and orientation, for smoother navigation and enhanced usability.

As a continuous improvement process, GovHK homepage was further revamped in December 2019 to enable faster access to those most sought-after government information and services, in the form of Guidebooks.


To meet users' needs more efficiently and effectively, a personalised service delivery platform, MyGovHK, was launched on GovHK in December 2010 to provide services and information tailored to individual users. You can create your own MyGovHK account for free to have a personalised webpage for accessing information and services.

Getting Help

If you need help using GovHK and MyGovHK, you can contact the GovHK Help Desk by email at enquiry@1835500.gov.hk or by phone at 183 5500. The Help Desk operates round the clock, 24 hours a day.

How GovHK Will Grow

We are striving to enhance GovHK's user experience by exploring new applications, modernising the portal interface, and enriching the existing contents so as to extend the Government’s outreach to different sectors of the society. With the launch of MyGovHK as the first step of providing customised services, we will continue to work closely with bureaux and departments to integrate more online services with the portal.

What GovHK Has Achieved

The reputation of GovHK is built in part of the awards and recognitions the portal has received over the years. Dedicated efforts to improve the portal accessibility to cater for people with special needs have earned GovHK a number of awards recently. Since its launch, the portal with its well-thought-out design and all-embracing structure and contents has been popular among members of the public.

Here are some recognitions GovHK received:

  • Interactive Media Awards
  • Web Marketing Association's WebAward
  • The W³ Awards
  • Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme Award
  • Web Care Award

Improving GovHK

Your feedback and suggestions will help GovHK better meet your needs. You may express your view at the “Found this page helpful?” section at the end of each page.

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