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Sustainable Development

Many countries and cities, including Hong Kong, have been developing at a rapid pace, resulting in the gradual depletion of natural resources and tremendous pressure on the world's ecological system. It is therefore important to balance economic, environmental and social considerations in the course of development, which is what sustainable development is all about.

Greening Hong Kong

Greening plays an important role in building an environmentally friendly society. It brings about many benefits to our environment, and engages various sectors of the society. This article outlines the Hong Kong Government's greening policy, benefits of greening, Government’s greening work, tree management and ways in which you can take part in greening Hong Kong.

Greening Hong Kong

Green Buildings

Hong Kong is committed to building a sustainable future and to ensuring that our future generations can continue to thrive in a clean and green environment. But is it possible to incorporate the concept of sustainability into the building design and its management, hence reducing the environmental impacts to nature and improving our quality of life? The answer is a resounding Sure! This article talks about how to achieve sustainability in buildings, with case studies and examples.

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