Facilitation Measures for Development of Renewable Energy

Apart from the Feed-in Tariff (FiT) Scheme and Renewable Energy (RE) Certificates, various facilitation measures are being introduced to further promote the development of RE.  They include relaxing the restrictions on installing solar energy generation systems in New Territories Exempted Houses, installing solar energy generation systems at premises of schools and non-governmental organisations for free through Solar Harvest, introducing legislative amendments relevant to FiT payments, etc.

Relaxing Height Regulations in relation to Installation of Solar Energy Generation Systems at the Rooftop of New Territories Exempted Houses

Under the 2018 Policy Address, the height restriction in relation to installation of solar energy generation systems at the rooftop of New Territories Exempted Houses has been relaxed to 2.5 metres subject to the fulfilments of specified conditions.  Such conditions are set out in:

Green and Amenity Facilities in NTEH

Providing Tax Incentives on Procurement of RE Power Systems

The Government also provides tax incentives on the capital expenditure incurred in relation to the installation of RE power systems in private premises.  As proposed in the 2018-19 Budget, the capital expenditure incurred for purchasing environmental protection installations (including RE installations) can be fully deducted in the first year of purchase instead of the current five years.

Providing Tax and Business Registration Exemptions for Individual FiT Participants

According to the Exemption from Profits Tax (Feed-in Tariff Scheme) Order and the Business Registration (Amendment) Regulation 2019, individuals installing RE systems at their residential premises (not in the course of any other business) are exempted from reporting in the tax return the FiT payments received through participation in the FiT Scheme and the requirement of applying for business registration.

Enhancing Public Awareness on RE Technologies

To promote public participation by helping the community better understand RE technologies, the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) has published on its website HK RE Net (re.emsd.gov.hk) relevant information on RE, including the details of the FiT Scheme, information on the grid connection arrangement, guidance notes and frequently asked questions on solar energy generation installation, etc.

EMSD has set up a hotline (6395 2930) to handle enquires about RE from the private sector, non-governmental organisations, schools and the general public to offer technical advice.

EMSD has also been arranging seminars and briefings for the trade to enhance the latter’s understanding of the regulatory, safety and technical requirements of installing RE systems.

Solar Harvest

Under Solar Harvest, EMSD will provide eligible non-Government and non-profit-making schools, as well as welfare NGOs which are receiving recurrent subventions from the Social Welfare Department, with a one-stop service including conducting site visits and technical assessments at their premises, design of the solar energy generation systems, procuring and installing the equipment, and system testing.  EMSD will also help the schools and welfare NGOs apply to join the FiT Scheme.  All expenses in relation to the solar energy generation system installation and application to join the FiT Scheme will be fully covered by Solar Harvest.

More information on facilitation measures

The Government is also exploring various measures to facilitate the development of RE by the private sector (such as measures to facilitate the installation of solar energy generation systems by the private sector in open car parks) to foster the development of RE along the FiT Scheme.  For more information on the facilitation measures that support the development of RE, please visit EMSD’s HK RE NET via the following link or call the EMSD’s hotline (6395 2930).

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