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Fluid Grids

Leisure Facilities

Search for Leisure Facilities

Check here for all sorts of leisure facilities available to suit your interests, including tennis courts, swimming pools, water sports centres, archery ranges and much more.

Sports and Recreation in Hong Kong: Past and Present

Find out about the development of Hong Kong’s public recreation and sporting facilities over the years, and the many choices available now.

Public Riding School

Managed by the Hong Kong Jockey Club, Tuen Mun Public Riding School at Tuen Mun and Lei Yue Mun Public Riding School at Chai Wan are the public riding schools of Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD). The schools provide a large variety of equestrian activities, such as group training classes, horse hiring, keeping horses at livery stables, providing venues for competitions, etc. to promote equestrian sport.  Besides, visit to the school by members of the public is also welcome.

Leisure Activities

Search for Leisure Activities

Find all kinds of community recreation and sports programmes organised by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department - Chinese dance, Tai Chi, table-tennis, canoeing and much more. Search by district, date and activity type, and enrol online through the SmartPLAY.

The Benefits, Rules and Techniques of Sports

Learn about how to exercise to yield the most benefits, different sports rules and techniques, and where to go for sports.

Outdoor Family Activities

Check out the fascinating places and facilities for outdoor family activities in Hong Kong, including beaches, country parks and campgrounds.

Leisure and Cultural Activities for the Elderly

Learn about the community support services, leisure and cultural activities available for the elderly.

Indoor Leisure and Cultural Activities for Families

Here you can learn about the indoor activities provided by the Government for families in Hong Kong, including cultural activities, sports, exhibitions in museums and library activities.

Youth Recommended Activities

Find details about cultural, educational and recreational programmes and events for youth.

First Aid

This article introduces the basic knowledge of first aid and the organisations that provide first aid trainings.

Cycling in Hong Kong

Here you can get the points to note when cycling in both urban and rural areas, and learn about the organised cycling activities and competitive cycling in Hong Kong.

Popular Places for Taking Photos

Learn about the popular places to take outdoor photos in Hong Kong, ranging from rugged landscapes and heritage areas to our cityscape.

SmartPLAY User Registration

Facility Booking and Programme Enrolment with SmartPLAY

SmartPLAY users make enquiries, book recreation and sports facilities and enrol in programme through the mobile app, internet and smart self-service stations.

SmartPLAY User Registration

SmartPLAY is a new intelligent sports and recreation services booking and information system developed by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department to replace the Leisure Link Computerized Booking System, which provides efficient and convenient booking services to meet public expectations, thereby encouraging members of the public to exercise regularly and lead a healthy lifestyle. Members of the public must register as SmartPLAY users to make enquiries about and book sports and recreation facilities, and enrol in sports and recreation programmes through mobile app, the internet and the new smart self-service stations in over 200 leisure venues (including the 18 District Leisure Services Offices) anytime and anywhere.

Swimming Pools, Beaches & Water Sports

Beaches and Swimming Pools

Enjoy water fun in Hong Kong's public beaches and swimming pools. Check out the locations, facilities, safety tips and more.

Lifeguard Service Hours and Latest Opening/Closure Arrangement of Beaches

Check out the lifeguard service hours on Public Bathing Beaches and the latest opening/closing arrangement of Public Bathing Beaches.

Beach Water Quality

Hong Kong's beaches are some of the finest in the region. Find out about the monitoring programme on bathing beaches and what the Government is doing to ensure your health on every beach.

Useful Tips on Diving

This article tells you about diving training, dive equipment, safety notes, where to dive in Hong Kong and other useful information.

Water Sports Centres

There are five Water Sports Centres in the New Territories and on Hong Kong Island with facilities and training programmes to help improve your water sports skills. Read on to find out more.

Fishing in Hong Kong Reservoirs

Learn more about Hong Kong's reservoirs, common fish types and how to apply for a licence for local fishing.

Weather Information for Water Sports

Find more about the weather conditions and information before you go on water sports or activities, so as to better plan your activities and take appropriate precautions when necessary. This webpage consolidates useful information including the latest weather forecasts, wind speed and wind direction reports, tide, UV index and more.

Safety at the Beach

Here you can learn about how to stay safe on the beach, identify the warning signals and other related information.


Parks, Zoos and Gardens

Find information about the major parks, zoos and gardens in Hong Kong. Details on location, background, opening hours and facilities offered are available.

Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark

Located in the eastern part of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark features world-class hexagonal rock columns and other geological, ecological and cultural heritage. Check out the geopark website to explore its natural wonders.

Hong Kong Wetland Park

This 61-hectare Park showcases the amazing diversity of Hong Kong's wetland ecosystem and highlights the need for wetland conservation. It provides an uniquely themed education and recreation venue for both local residents and overseas visitors, and is particularly suitable for school and family leisure visitations.

Country Parks, Hiking Trails and Camping Sites

Want to go to the countryside this weekend? Check out the information about country parks, designated camping sites in Hong Kong's country parks, hiking and family trails including location, transportation, facilities and maps.

Marine Parks

Learn more about Hong Kong's marine environment and diverse marine lives from the Marine Parks. Find their locations and learn about things to see and do.

Parks with Special Features and Themes

Discover Hong Kong’s parks with special features and themes, and learn about what you can do when you visit them.

Major Sports Events & Sports Schemes

Major Sports Events & Sports Schemes

Introduce the major sports events and  sports schemes organised / jointly organised / co-organised / subvented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department

Sports Organisations

Hong Kong Sports Institute (HKSI)

Hong Kong Sports Institute (HKSI) provides elite athletes with a quality training environment and support services with the aim of grooming the athletes to achieve good results for Hong Kong in international sporting events. Check out the HKSI and the support services offered to athletes here.

The Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China

Find out information about Hong Kong delegations in the Olympics and other multi-sports games, including latest news on medal winners, sports stars interviews, special events and much more.

Government Subvented National Sports Associations

Check out here the contact information of subvented national sports associations.

Hong Kong Paralympic Committee

Find out information about Hong Kong delegations in the Paralympics and other multi-sports games, including latest news on medal winners, sports stars interviews, special events and much more.

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