Communications & Technology

Hong Kong Accreditation Service

Hong Kong Accreditation Service (HKAS) provides accreditation for laboratories, certification bodies and inspection bodies.

Accredited Laboratories, Certification Bodies and Inspection Bodies

Accreditation is a third party attestation that an organisation is competent in providing specified quality assurance services. Find out the list of laboratories, certification bodies and inspection bodies accredited by the Hong Kong Accreditation Service, their contact details and the scope of their accredited services.

Standards and Calibration Laboratory

The Standards and Calibration Laboratory (SCL) is responsible for maintaining the reference standards of physical measurements for Hong Kong, metrologically traceable to the International System of Units (SI). It also provides calibration services to users of measurement standards and measuring instruments.

The Product Standards Information Bureau

The Product Standards Information Bureau (PSIB) provides local enterprises the latest information on local and overseas standards and technical regulations, and assists them to comply with these requirements in their manufacturing, exports and provision of services and to enhance quality and competitiveness.

International and National Standards Organisations

Find the information and links for various international and national standards organisations here.

A List of Quality Management Consultants in Hong Kong

Find the list of quality management consultants in Hong Kong including contact information and scope of services.

Hong Kong Council for Testing and Certification

The Hong Kong Council for Testing and Certification is an advisory body appointed by the Chief Executive to drive the development of the testing and certification industry, to raise its professional standards and to enhance the recognition of the industry in the international arena by building up a brand name for Hong Kong's testing and certification services.

Last review date: January 2016