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The Gazette

The Gazette

Read the latest Gazette published by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government here.

The Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Gazette is normally published on Friday.

In addition, Gazette Extraordinary is published when there is a special need on a day other than Friday with its own sequence of issue numbers and notice numbers.

Receiving Notifications of the Issue of Government Gazette

Register to receive notifications of the latest issues of the Government Gazette on MyGovHK.

Advertising in the HK Government Gazette

Check out the procedures and rates of charges for publishing public notices in the Government Gazette.

Consultation Papers

Current Consultation Papers

Look for the most recent consultation papers issued by the Government here.


Search the archives for past consultation documents here.

Government Publications

New Government Publications

Look for new government publications.

Online Government Bookstore

Enjoy the ease and fun of shopping for government publications online. Look for what is available through the online bookstore run by the Government.

Hong Kong in Figures

Check out the latest summary statistics on major social and economic aspects of Hong Kong from this webpage.

Contacts with Government and Related Organisations

Complaints against Maladministration

The Office of The Ombudsman aims to redress grievances and address issues arising from maladministration in the public sector. Learn more about how to lodge a complaint with them.        

Complaints against the Police

Should you be dissatisfied with any police action or service, find information in this guide on how to make a complaint against the Police. You can lodge a complaint online through the Police’s e-Report Room.        

Complaints related to Privacy Rights

Find out how to lodge a complaint with the Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data (PCPD) about any infringement on your privacy rights related to personal data. You can download the complaint form here.        

Complaints related to Discrimination

If you are discriminated against unlawfully because of your sex, marital status, pregnancy, disability or family status, submit your complaint online to the Equal Opportunities Commission here.        

Public Service Excellence

You can find out the outstanding services of various Bureaux and Departments.

Report Corruption

Check out the various channels through which you can make corruption complaints or enquiries to the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC).        

Complaints against Obscene & Indecent Articles

Find out how to lodge a complaint against obscene or indecent articles.        

Environmental Enquiries & Complaints

As environmental issues may have impact on our daily lives, various Government departments have established their helpdesk to handle enquiries and complaints from the public. Find out which department to contact, and how to enquire or complain about an environmental issue.


1823 provides a round-the-clock one-stop service to answer enquiries for 23 participating departments and to receive complaints, suggestions and compliments about any area of Government services.  For enquiries related to the services of non-participating departments, since 1823 does not have the relevant information, contact information of the departments will be provided so that members of the public can contact these departments directly.

TV Announcements

TV Announcements

Check out the TV announcements of the Government currently on air.

Government Photo Store

Government Photo Store

The Photo Library is the Government's most important archive, providing photographic record of Hong Kong's progress and development as well as various facets of life in the city. Browse the website and purchase the photos you like.

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