Recruitment (Information for Employers)

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Post Vacancies with Labour Department

Post vacancies online with the Interactive Employment Service of the Labour Department.

Candidates Online Selection Process

Registered general employers may select the right candidates for your posted vacancies among jobseekers who have registered with the Interactive Employment Service of the Labour Department.

Employment of Persons with Disabilities

Find out more about the recruitment service to employers and service for open employment to job seekers with disabilities provided by the Selective Placement Division of the Labour Department.

Entry for Employment as Professionals in Hong Kong

Learn more about the entry arrangements for employment as professionals in Hong Kong.

Enhanced Supplementary Labour Scheme

Learn more about the Enhanced Supplementary Labour Scheme which allows employers with genuine difficulties in finding suitable staff locally to import workers at technician level or below.

Services for Employers Offered by Employees Retraining Board

Find out what services the Employees Retraining Board offers to employers, including employee referral and matching service, industry service programmes and tailor-made programmes.

Hiring Local Domestic Helpers

Learn about how to hire local domestic helpers, relevant labour legislation and other points to note.

Online Notification of Premature Termination of Employment Contracts of Foreign Domestic Helpers

Find the online service here to notify the Immigration Department if you are terminating the employment contract of foreign domestic helper prematurely.

Recruitment Tips for Employers

Learn about where to post a job vacancy, how to arrange job interviews, labour laws and other points to note when you are hiring new employees.

Legislation Governing the Employment of Young Persons and Children

Learn about the employment rights of young persons and children under the law and their employers' obligations.

Youth Employment and Training Programme

Employers can offer workplace attachment and on-the-job training opportunities to young people and recruit young work force. Find out more information here.

Family-friendly Employment Practices — Measures to Help Balance Employees’ Work and Family Responsibilities

Learn about the family-friendly employment practices an employer can adopt to help employees balance their work and family responsibilities as well as the mutual benefits brought by these measures.

Information from Manpower Surveys

You may make reference to the manpower survey reports published by Vocational Training Council Training Boards associated with various industry sectors.

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