Housing & Social Services

Housing & Social Services

Home Maintenance, Hygiene & Safety

Fluid Grids

Water Seepage

Water Seepage / Dripping

Read this guide and learn how to find out the causes of water seepage and water dripping.

Addresses and Enquiry Numbers of Joint Offices for Investigation of Water Seepage Complaints

19 joint offices of the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department and the Buildings Department were set up to handle water seepage complaints.

"Do-it-yourself" Water Seepage Test (PDF File)

Read this pamphlet to learn simple methods to detect the source of water seepage on the ceiling.

Home Maintenance Tips

Home Maintenance and Repair

Read this article for tips and guidelines on how to tackle problems like water seepage, defective windows, unauthorised building works, etc, so as to keep your property in good conditions.

Taking Care of a Pet

Find out what you should consider in owning a pet and note in taking care of them, and how to be a responsible pet owner.

Green Living

Details regarding green living can be found in the Environment section in GovHK.

Fire Prevention at Home

Fire Safety at Home

Learn about the fire safety requirements for a residential building, safety issues for sub-divided units, fire prevention in the home and what to do in case of fire.

Fire Precautions (Video)

A series of fire precautions video introduces survival tips and ambulance services

Application for Fire Safety Talk / Evacuation Drill / Exhibition

The Fire Services Department provides fire safety education to any company or organisation upon request. The public may contact Community Relations Section or any local fire station for details.

Visit to FSD Premises

The public can submit online application for visit to a fire station or an ambulance depot.

Fire Safety Ambassador Club

The Fire Safety Ambassador Club aims to promote fire safety to the public and various organisations. Members are not only provided with basic fire protection training, but also take part in promotional and recreational activities to exchange experiences. You can enroll individually or apply through your affiliated organisations

Energy Saving at Home

Energy Saving Tips for Home (PDF File)

Energy saving tips for using home appliances and cooking can be found in this booklet. 

Reducing Standby Power Consumption (PDF File)

Electrical devices in idle or standby mode continues to draw power. Learn tips for reducing standby energy consumption at work and at home in this leaflet.

Residential Air Conditioning: An Energy Efficiency Guide (PDF File)

This pamphlet provides basic information on how to choose residential air conditioning units and their operation and maintenance from an energy efficiency perspective.

Voluntary Energy Efficiency Labelling Scheme: Registers

Check out the registers of the voluntary Energy Efficiency Labelling Scheme (EELS) about the energy consumption and efficiency rating of household appliances and office equipment.

Voluntary Energy Efficiency Labelling Scheme

Learn more about the Voluntary Energy Efficiency Labelling Scheme, the types of appliances and equipment it covers, and where you can check if a product is registered.

Mandatory Energy Efficiency Labelling Scheme

To further facilitate the public in choosing energy efficient appliances and raise public awareness on energy saving, the Government has introduced a mandatory Energy Efficiency Labelling Scheme. Here you can learn more about the scheme, the types of products it covers, and about the record of listed models.

Electrical Safety at Home

Household Electrical Safety Handbook

Learn how you can ensure household electrical safety and protect your family members and property through this handbook.

Household Electrical Products with Certificates of Safety Compliance

You can search the registers for models of household electrical products with certificates of safety compliance.

Dos and Don'ts for Users of Induction Cookers (PDF File)

Learn about the safety tips for using induction cookers in this leaflet.

Electrical Products Recalled / Prohibited

Check out the list of electrical products recalled / prohibited provided by Electrical and Mechanical Services Department. You can look up the brand model, cause of hazard and the recall / prohibition date of the electrical products.

Safety Tips for Installation and Use of Washing Machines (PDF File)

This pamphlet provides the guidelines on how to install and use washing machines properly.

Safety Tips for Electric Fans (PDF File)

This poster illustrates how to use electric fans in a proper way.

Safety Tips for TV Sets (PDF File)

Read this poster for the dos and don’t’s of using TV sets to avoid accidents.

Safe Use of Plugs, Adaptors and Extension Units (PDF File)

You can refer to this pamphlet for the requirements and precautions of using plugs, adaptors and extension units.

Gas Safety at Home

Safe Use of Hot-pot Gas Appliances

Read this leaflet for the safety tips for using hot-pot gas appliances.

Safe Use of Disposable LPG Cylinders

Follow the safety guidelines listed here when using disposable LPG cylinders to avoid accidents.

Safe Use of LPG Cylinders

Read this pamphlet and take notes on storing, using and abandoning LPG cylinders. Take immediate action when you smell a gas leak.

Search for Registered Gas Installers (RGI)

Search this register for the list of gas installers registered in Hong Kong.

Mandatory Window Inspection Scheme

Mandatory Window Inspection Scheme

Learn about the Mandatory Window Inspection Scheme (MWIS) and find out more information here.

Search for Qualified Person

Here you can search for Qualified Persons (QP) to carry out the prescribed inspection and supervise the prescribed repair works found necessary for all windows of the buildings, and verify the information they provide.

Search for Registered Contractors

Here you can search for Registered General Building Contractors or Registered Minor Works Contractors (who are registered for the minor works in respect of windows) to carry out the prescribed repairs.

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