Access Change of Address Service

With the Change of Address service, you can change your address records with 22 Government departments (including E-contact Means for the Transport Department) and 6 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in one go. Here you can learn about the key features of the service, how to use it and where to go for more information.

Online Convenience

With this online service you can simply enter your personal or company details once and update your records at multiple government departments and NGOs listed below. The service also gives you the flexibility to pause during the process and save the data so that you can retrieve it and continue later.

After application submission, you will receive an acknowledgement email on the condition that you have opted to receive it.


Access Change of Address service (including E-contact Means for the Transport Department)

Applicable Government Departments & NGOs

You can make use of the service to update your address records with the following government departments and NGOs:

Government Departments

  • Create Hong Kong
  • Department of Health
  • Electrical and Mechanical Services Department
  • Fire Services Department
  • Hong Kong Observatory
  • Hongkong Post
  • Housing Department
  • Immigration Department^
  • Inland Revenue Department*
  • Intellectual Property Department
  • Labour Department
  • Lands Department
  • Leisure and Cultural Services Department
  • Office for Film, Newspaper and Article Administration
  • Office of the Communications Authority
  • Official Receiver’s Office
  • Rating and Valuation Department
  • Trade and Industry Department
  • Transport Department#
  • Treasury
  • Water Supplies Department
  • Working Family and Student Financial Assistance Agency

^ A Digital Certificate or “iAM Smart+” is needed.

* A Digital Certificate, “iAM Smart” / “iAM Smart+” or Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) and eTAX password are needed.

# Either using a Digital Certificate, “iAM Smart” / “iAM Smart+” or uploading a copy of your identity document is needed. Meanwhile, uploading of address proof is required for all applications.

More on “iAM Smart”

Non-Governmental Organisations

  • Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF
  • Medecins Sans Frontieres – Hong Kong
  • Oxfam Hong Kong
  • The Community Chest of Hong Kong
  • The Salvation Army
  • World Vision Hong Kong

Processing Time

Your change of address notification will be processed within 14 days.

Other Government Departments

To update your address records with other government departments, you can click the link below for downloadable forms or relevant information.

Change of address forms / list of relevant information


If you would like to know more about the Change of Address service, you can contact the GovHK Help Desk at 183 5500 or access a list of frequently asked questions through the following link.

Frequently asked questions about the Change of Address service
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