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Culture, Leisure & Sports

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Country Parks & Trails

Country Parks

Want to go to the countryside this weekend? Check out the routes, facilities, scenic attractions and transport information to country parks in Hong Kong here.

Hiking Trails and Family Walks

Planning a hiking trip? Find information about the various hiking, country and family trails in Hong Kong, including scenes, maps and safety tips.

Hiking Scheme

Featuring some hiking trails of Hong Kong, this website depicts the countryside with lovely landscapes in which one may take refuge from the hustle and bustle of the city. You may choose one from The Hiking Scheme which is suitable to yourself and your family so as to experience the pleasure of hiking.

Means of Communications in Country Parks

In this article, you can learn more about how to stay in touch and seek help in case of emergency in country parks.

Hong Kong Hiking Trail Weather Service

The webpage provides hourly weather forecast for 7 days of the main hiking trails in Hong Kong to facilitate users in planning their trips. Upon selection of a hiking route, the approximate time required for the trip and the en-route hourly weather forecast will be calculated to better provide weather information service to the public for outing and hiking activities.

Weather Information for Astronomical Observation

This webpage provides a weather information platform for astronomical observation hot spots in Hong Kong to facilitate stargazers to better plan their astronomical observation activities.

Mountain Bike Trails

Enjoy the fun of mountain biking in the country parks on one of the 15 designated Mountain Bike Trails. Check here for the locations.

Useful Tips on Camping and Hiking

Check out the places available, safety tips and other useful information when you go hiking, mountain biking and camping.

First Aid

This article introduces the basic knowledge of first aid and the organisations that provide first aid trainings.

How to Handle Incidents during Outdoor Activities

Find out how to handle incidents happening during outdoor activities, such as applying first aid, dealing with natural hazards, contacting emergency services and seeking assistance outside Hong Kong.

Hong Kong’s Natural Scenery

Here you can learn about the Government’s efforts to conserve our natural environment and natural attractions that you can visit.

Holiday Camps & Camping Sites

Holiday Camps

Want to take a break away from the city with your family and friends? Check out the locations, facilities and availability of government-run holiday camps for the next 30 days. You can also find links to camps run by non-government organisations on this page.

Search for Licensed Holiday Flats

Holiday flats are establishments located in village type houses in the New Territories and outlying islands. Here, you can get information about licensed holiday flats in Hong Kong (such as their addresses and phone numbers) by location and other requirements (such as number of rooms).

Camping Sites

Check out the designated camping sites in Hong Kong's country parks, including location, transportation, facilities and maps.

Local Weather Information

Hong Kong Observatory

Check out the local weather before enjoying outdoor activity with your friends and family. Regional weather information, weather forecasts and warnings, UV Index, astronomical, tidal information and all you need to know about Hong Kong weather can be found here.


A personalized weather service developed by the Hong Kong Observatory, users can obtain the latest weather information at their location.

Air Quality

Air Quality Health Index

The Environmental Protection Department releases Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) information hourly to inform the public of the short-term health risk of air pollution in Hong Kong and helps the public take precautionary measures to protect their health.  Learn about how the AQHI works and what it can tell you about the short-term health risk of air pollution.

Current AQHIs

Find the current AQHIs here.  The current AQHI readings are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Greening Hong Kong

Greening Hong Kong

Greening plays an important role in building an environmentally friendly society. It brings about many benefits to our environment, and engages various sectors of the society. This article outlines the Hong Kong Government's greening policy, benefits of greening, Government’s greening work, tree management and ways in which you can take part in greening Hong Kong.

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