How to Handle Incidents during Outdoor Activities

No one expects incidents or emergencies when they head outdoors for fun or time with the family, but unfortunate events can take place. This article will help you in getting prepared for the worst, applying first aid, dealing with severe weather, contacting emergency services and knowing what to do when involved in an incident outside Hong Kong.

Getting Prepared

When considering an outdoor activity, preparation for unforeseen circumstances can make a great deal of difference. Knowing what to do during an outdoor emergency could even save lives.

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

Being able to perform CPR could be very important if you have a family member or friend with a heart disease. Quick action after a heart attack but before the arrival of an ambulance crew could improve the person’s chances of survival.

The Fire Services Department offers a training course for family members and friends of cardiac patients free of charge. For more information, you can call the Fire Services Ambulance Command Training School at 2640 3708.

First Aid

Knowledge of first aid procedures when outdoors could also be very useful for both you and those around you. More information on first aid is available on the link below.

First aid

Severe Weather

Hong Kong, just located within the tropics, experiences both extreme wet and dry seasons, which can result in natural disasters ranging from floods to fire. The Hong Kong Observatory maintains a close watch on the weather. It issues warnings whenever Hong Kong is threatened by severe weather conditions such as heavy rain, tropical cyclones, thunderstorms and storm surges – all of which can lead to floods, landslips and other mishaps. You should get familiar with these warnings and what steps you should take to protect yourself when you are involved in outdoor activities.

Please refer to the booklet published by the Security Bureau on simple precautions against natural disasters and serious accidents.

Simple Guidelines in the Event of Major Mishaps

Further information about warnings for severe weather and precautionary measures is also available on the website of Hong Kong Observatory:

Warnings for Severe Weather and Precautionary Measures

How to Contact Emergency Services

When facing an outdoor emergency, you should dial the 999 hotline immediately for help. Information on what to do when calling for fire and ambulance service help is available through the following link.

Information to be provided when making fire and ambulance Calls

Reports to the police in cases of emergency should also be made through the 999 hotline, or through individual report lines by district in less pressing circumstances.

Police Report Room numbers

Assistance Outside Hong Kong

If you are involved in a serious outdoor incident while being outside of Hong Kong, you can seek help from home. The following link will take you to information on what to do in such cases.

Assistance Outside Hong Kong

You should also know how to contact the local police department wherever you are. Information on police departments in other regions is available through the Hong Kong Police Force website.

World Police Departments

Safety at the Beach

Information on dealing with incidents at the beach is available through the following link.

Safety at the Beach
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