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Library Services

Library Services

Gain an overview of the Hong Kong public library system, including where libraries are, the services and facilities they offer, the activities that take place in them and how to use your Hong Kong identity card as a library card.

Library Locations and Opening Hours

Check out the locations and opening hours of all public libraries here.

Online Library Services

Find quick links to all online library services here, including search, reservation, renewal of library materials and more.


A collection of Chinese and English e-Books is now available to the Hong Kong Public Libraries' library cardholders via the Internet. The Collection covers a wide range of subjects and includes texts suitable to general readers as well as reference works and more specialised works for professionals and advanced readers.

Self-service Library Stations

The Hong Kong Public Libraries of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department has launched a pilot scheme to set up three Self-service Library Stations, one each on Hong Kong Island, in Kowloon and the New Territories.  These stations provide round-the-clock services, such as borrowing, return, payment and pickup of reserved library materials.


Hong Kong Public Libraries provides registered readers with various kinds of electronic resources via the Internet, including e-books, audio books, encyclopedias, biographies, reading guides, and indices to Chinese journal articles and dissertations.

Multimedia Information System

The System provides users with various kinds of digitised and multimedia information. You can use the single and unified interface for one-stop search and access to various kinds of digitised images and documents.

Outreaching Programmes & Reading Activities

Library Activities

Find out what programmes and activities are taking place in the Hong Kong Public Libraries, including book exhibitions, storytelling for children, subject talks and more.

Reading Resources for Children and Teens

Learn more about the programmes, events and resources designed to stimulate the reading interests of kids and teens.

Library Cards

Applying for the Use of Smart ID Card for Library Services

You can use your Smart ID card for library services rather than carrying a separate library card. Learn the application procedure and download the application form here.

Applying for a Library Card

Learn how to apply for a free library card in order to gain access to the public libraries in Hong Kong.

Applying for the Library Card for Guarantor’s Use

Learn how to apply for a free library card for guarantor’s use through this webpage in order to cater for the reading needs of the children, the elderly and the mobility handicapped.

Applying for the Library Card for Guarantor's Use (Secondary Guarantor)

Learn how to apply for a free library card for guarantor’s use (secondary guarantor) through this webpage in order to cater for the reading needs of the children, the elderly and the mobility handicapped.

Reporting Loss of Smart ID Card Allowed for Library Purpose

If you lose your Smart ID card allowed for public library services, you need to report loss to both the Immigration Department and the Hong Kong Public Libraries. Find out how to report loss and download the form here.

Reporting Loss and Replacement of Library Card

Lost your library card? Find out how to apply for a replacement here.

Online Registration for Borrowers

If you have never applied for a library card or E-Account of Hong Kong Public Libraries, you can make application through this online platform.

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