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Sexual Conviction Record Check (SCRC)

This administrative scheme enables employers of persons undertaking child-related work and work relating to mentally incapacitated persons to check whether eligible applicants have any criminal conviction records against a specified list of sexual offences.

e-Report Room by the Hong Kong Police

You can make non-emergency reports or complaints such as Crime Information, lost property, noise nuisance and road traffic incident etc. to the police.  This also includes information about police hotlines, 992 SMS Emergency Hotline and the contact details of all police stations.

Certificate of No Criminal Conviction

The Hong Kong Police issues ‘Certificates of No Criminal Conviction’ at the request of foreign consulates applying for visas to visit or reside in another country. Find out how to apply locally or from overseas and the processing fee involved.

Criminal Conviction Data Access Request (CCD)

Members of Public can enquire whether there is any criminal conviction record against him/her being kept by the Hong Kong Police Force. Find out how to make the data access request here.

Junior Police Call (JPC)

The JPC aims to improve communication and understanding between the police and the youth of Hong Kong. By providing activities, facilities and training programmes, the JPC encourages youngsters to be aware of their responsibilities in the community. Find out all about JPC here.

Senior Police Call (SPC)

The Senior Police Call Scheme was implemented in Hong Kong Police in 2014.  The primary objectives of the scheme are to enhance communication with the elderly through proactive engagement and to promote crime prevention and personal safety.  Besides, the scheme also provide a platform for the elderly to participate in meaningful activities and to serve the community.

Arms Licensing

To apply for an individual possession license, security guard possession license, dealer’s license, arms instructor authorisations etc., click this page.

Liquor and Miscellaneous Licensing

To apply for a Temporary Liquor Licence / Pawnbrokers Licence and Massage Establishment Licence, click this page.

Application for a Lion / Dragon / Unicorn Dance Permit

To apply for organising Lion / Dragon / Unicorn Dance in public place, click this page.

Security Personnel Permit

To apply for Security Personnel Permit, click this page.

Societies Registration

According to the Societies Ordinance, a local society or its branch shall apply to the Societies Officer for registration or exemption from registration within 1 month of its establishment.

To apply for a Societies Registration, click this page.

Closed Area Permit

“Closed Area Permit” and “Closed Area Permit for Shenzhen Bay Port” are issued by respective Police offices.

Measures by Hong Kong Police Force on promotion of racial equality

Learn more about the Hong Kong Police Force’s plan on promotion of racial equality, visit below website.

Hong Kong Police Force Online Applications Platform

You can make applications such as Closed Area Permit, Road Event Permit and Location Filming via this website.


Crime Statistics

To know more about the crime situation in Hong Kong, you may access the crime statistics provided by the Hong Kong Police.

Crime Prevention Tips

Find tips for protecting your personal safety and property.

Common Drugs in Hong Kong

Learn more about the most common illegal drugs found in Hong Kong and their harmful effects.

Police Superintendent Discretion

Police Superintendent Discretion can be exercised on juvenile offenders from 10 years of age to under the age of 18. Learn more about what this is and under what conditions this may apply.

Beware of Deception - Fight Scams Together

Anti-Deception Coordination Centre is the central hub setup by Hong Kong Police Force to consolidating all the relevant efforts of the Force in fighting and preventing the crime. To know more about latest scam alert, click here.


CyberDefender is supported by the Cyber Security and Technology Crime Bureau of the Hong Kong Police Force. It aimed at raising citizens’ digital literacy and their awareness of information security risks, online fraud, objectionable materials, in order to avoid cyber pitfalls and to become a smart e-citizen.

Rights of Mentally Incapacitated Person (MIP)

To better serve the mentally incapacitated person community, the Hong Kong Police measures aimed at better serving the needs of MIPs and facilitating mutual understanding. Thematic training on the caring of MIPs has also been given to all regular, auxiliary and civilian members of the Hong Kong Police to enhance their awareness and professional sensitivity when interacting with MIPs.

Rights of Victims and Witnesses of Crime

To understand more about the rights of victims and witnesses of crime, click this page.

The Victims Charter

To know more about the Victims Charter, click this page.

Rehabilitation Programmes for Persons in Custody

Rehabilitation Programmes for Persons in Custody

Besides providing a decent and healthy environment for persons in custody, the Correctional Services Department (CSD) aims to provide diversified and appropriate rehabilitation programmes for PICs, which help them rehabilitate and re-integrate into society.

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