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Social Security

How Social Security Benefits the Public

Here you can learn more about the assistance programmes available for needy citizens by the Government, such as the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance Scheme, medical assistance and housing support.

Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) Scheme

The CSSA Scheme provides a safety net for those who cannot support themselves financially. Check out the eligibility criteria, types of payment and how to apply for the CSSA here.

Reporting Suspected Fraud and Abuse of Social Security Benefits

Find out how to report to the Social Welfare Department when you have any information on any person suspected to have obtained welfare payment by deception.

Social Security Appeal Procedures

Find out how to lodge an appeal if you are not satisfied with the decision of the Social Welfare Department in respect of eligibility and payment of social security.

Social Welfare Department District Offices

Check out the addresses and contact details of all District Offices of Social Welfare Department here.

Social Security Allowance (SSA) Scheme

The SSA Scheme aims to provide a monthly allowance to Hong Kong residents who are severely disabled or aged 65 or above. Find out the eligibility, types of allowance and how to apply here.

Criminal and Law Enforcement Injuries Compensation (CLEIC) Scheme

The CLEIC Scheme aims to provide financial assistance to persons (or their dependents in cases of death) who are injured as a result of a crime of violence or by a law enforcement officer using weapon in the execution of his duty. Check out more information here.

Traffic Accident Victims Assistance (TAVA) Scheme

The TAVA Scheme provides speedy financial assistance to road traffic accident victims (or their dependents in cases of death). Check out more information here.

Medical Fee Waiving Mechanism of Public Hospitals

Patients who could not afford medical fees can apply for a fee waiver. Applications would be assessed with consideration given to their financial, social and medical conditions on a household basis. This webpage has the details.

Embracing Social Inclusion

Here you can learn about the services the Government offers to help people with disabilities, ethnic minorities, new arrivals and the underprivileged to integrate into the community.

Emergency Relief

Emergency Relief Services

ER Services help victims of natural or other disasters and also for evacuees of buildings and premises considered to be dangerous under Closure Orders by means of providing food (or cash-in-lieu of food) and relief articles. Find out more details here.

Charitable / Trust Funds

Check out the major charitable / trust funds administered by the Social Welfare Department for people to tide over financial hardship under special and emergency situations.

Short-term Food Assistance Service Team

SWD has commissioned seven non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to operate Short-term Food Assistance Service Teams covering the whole territory to help individuals and families who have difficulties in coping with their daily food expenditure. Find out more details here.

Temporary Shelters, Temporary Cold Shelters & Temporary Night Heat Shelters

HAD provides emergency relief services to people affected by inclement weather, natural disasters and major emergency incidents in Hong Kong. Shelters will also be open for people taking refuge during cold spells or oppressively hot nights. Find out more details here.

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