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Programme Highlight of Leisure and Cultural Events

Leisure and culture activities have become an essential part of our lives. Click here for the latest major events and activities for your active participation.

Major Sports Events

Find out about the range of major sporting events hosted in Hong Kong, including “M” Mark events, and those supported by the Government, such as the Hong Kong Games, the Corporate Games and the Masters Games, in which you may be able to participate.

"M" Mark Events

Here you can check out the "M" Mark Events held in Hong Kong and recognised by the Major Sports Events Committee (MSEC).

Hong Kong Flower Show

This show is a major annual event organised by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department to promote horticulture and the awareness of greening. Local citizens and horticulture lovers all over the world can appreciate the beauty of flowers and share their gardening experience.

Leisure and Cultural Services Department e-Magazine Service

Use this online service on MyGovHK to subscribe to the weekly LCSD e-Magazine free of charge, and personalise your LCSD e-Magazine according to your areas of interest.

Last revision date: April 2019
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