Major Sports Events

Hong Kong’s major sports events cater to a wide range of people, from elite athletes to district representatives, industrial and commercial organisation/public sector representatives as well as people of different age groups. Here you can learn more about the major games and events, “M” Mark events, the Hong Kong Games, the Corporate Games and the Masters Games.

Major Games and Events

Hong Kong hosts a series of international sports events each year, ranging from special events in single sports to major multi-sport competitions. Calendars of these events can be accessed through the following links.

Major Local International EventsLocal International Events

The Major Sports Events Committee, one of the three committees under the Sports Commission, advises the Government on the hosting policy and resource allocation for major sports events in Hong Kong. The committee also monitors those events to ensure that public funding provided is used properly and cost effectively.

“M” Mark Events

To ensure that Hong Kong nurtures sustainable sports events, the Major Sports Events Committee launched the “M” Mark System Scheme in 2004. The Scheme is designed to:

  • instill a sustainable sporting culture, foster a sense of pride and social cohesion, bring tangible economic benefits to the community and enhance Hong Kong’s image as Asia’s sports events city;
  • help national sports associations (NSAs) develop sustainable major sports events through greater participation and support from the commercial sector as well as the community at large; and
  • support NSAs in securing and hosting one-off mega international sports events considered beneficial to the community.

Current “M” Mark events include the Hong Kong Marathon, Track Cycling Nations Cup Hong Kong, China, the Hong Kong Sevens (Rugby), the FIVB Volleyball Nations League – Hong Kong, the Hong Kong International Dragon Boat Races, the Harbour Race (Swimming), the Hong Kong Tennis Open, the Hong Kong Squash Open, the Hong Kong Open Badminton Championships and the Hong Kong Open (Golf) etc. Further information on these events and the Major Sports Events Committee is available through the following link.

Major Sports Events Committee

Hong Kong Games

The Hong Kong Games is a major multi-sport event in Hong Kong held every two years to provide the 18 districts in the city with more opportunities for sports participation, exchange and co-operation, and to encourage the public to actively participate in sports. Organised by the Sports Commission and co-ordinated by the Community Sports Committee, the Games is co-organised by the 18 District Councils, the Sports Federation and Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China, relevant National Sports Associations and the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD).

The following link will take you to further information on the Games.

Hong Kong Games

Corporate Games

The Corporate Games is a multi-sport event organised biennially by the LCSD for the participation by industry and commercial / public organisations in Hong Kong and their employees.  With the objective of promoting team spirit and a sense of belonging to the respective organisations, the Games cover athletics, badminton, basketball, distance run, snooker, table tennis, tennis, tenpin bowling, volleyball, 7-a-side mini-soccer and 11-a-side soccer. 

You can learn more about the Corporate Games through the following link.

Corporate Games

Masters Games

The LCSD organises the Masters Games for people aged 35 or above to compete against people of similar ages to sustain their interest in sports. The Games, which is held biennially, include competitions in six fields: badminton, distance run, swimming, table tennis, Tai Chi and tennis. The following link will take you to further information on the individual competitions that make up the games.

Masters Games
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