Immigration Services

Immigration Services

Assistance Outside Hong Kong

Fluid Grids

Ways to Contact the Assistance to Hong Kong Residents Unit

Hong Kong residents go abroad may call the 24-hour Assistance hotline (852) 1868, call the 24-hour Assistance hotline by network data call via the Immigration Department Mobile Application, send message to 1868 WhatsApp assistance hotline or fill in Online Assistance Request Form for seeking assistance.

Assistance to Hong Kong Residents in the Mainland

Read about what kind of assistance the HKSAR Government can provide to Hong Kong residents in the Mainland, including useful contact phone numbers and addresses.

Assistance to Hong Kong Residents Travelling Outside Chinese Territory

Learn more about the scope of consular protection and assistance that diplomatic representatives and consular organs of the People's Republic of China may provide for Chinese citizens outside Chinese territories.

Travel Tips and Advice

Here you obtain travel tips and find out where to go for travel advice before you leave Hong Kong. You can also learn about precautions to take when you are travelling in your destination.

Registration of Outbound Travel Information

Here you may register your outbound travel information if you wish to receive updates on Outbound Travel Alert and related public information from the HKSAR Government.

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