Upon successful enrolment of I-RemindU Service, we will send you personalised notification messages through “iAM Smart” to remind you that:

  • Your HKSAR passport is about to expire or has expired
  • Upon entry to/ remaining in Hong Kong with a visa/entry permit, your limit of stay as a Hong Kong non-permanent resident is about to expire *
  • The limit of stay of your foreign domestic helper is about to expire *
  • Any other new reminder service from the Immigration Department

* This reminder service is not applicable to:

- Students whose “Notification of Termination of Studies” has been acknowledged receipt by the Immigration Department; or

- Foreign domestic helpers or imported workers whose notification of termination of an employment contract has been acknowledged receipt by the Immigration Department.

This reminder service and its reminder messages are for reference only. Hong Kong non-permanent residents should comply with the condition and limit of stay in Hong Kong stated on their latest visa/entry permit label/arrival stamp/landing slip/extension of stay label/“e-Visa”, and depart Hong Kong or apply for an extension of stay before their limit of stay expires. Persons who breach a condition of stay or whose limit of stay has expired are liable to criminal prosecution. Any delay in receiving the alert messages sent through this service or failure to receive such messages shall not constitute a defence to a breach of a condition or limit of stay by any person.

Enrol for I-RemindU
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Last revision date: January 2023