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Fluid Grids

Water Accounts & Meters

Application for Taking Up of Water Account

Apply online to take up domestic, non-domestic or flushing water accounts.

Application for Closing of Water Account and Refund of Water Deposit

Apply online to close your water account and claim the refund of your water deposit.

Changing Personal Particulars for Water Accounts

You may change your personal particulars for your water accounts online, once you have signed up for an online user account through this website.

Water Supplies Department Electronic Services

The Water Supplies Department Electronic Services includes e-Billing and online enquiry of your water supplies account. 

High / Low Consumption Notices

Got a high or low water consumption notice from the Water Supplies Department? High water consumption may be the result of undetected leakage while low water consumption may be induced by inaccurate registration of the meter. Check here for possible reasons and actions you can take.

Emergency Water Suspension Notices and Enquiries

Water main bursts may result in emergency temporary water suspensions affecting the public. The Water Supplies Department will provide information about such circumstances through its website as well as enquiry hotline. Find the details here.

Planned Water Suspension Notices

Check here for notices from the Water Supplies Department on its planned temporary water suspensions that may affect you.

Installation of Separate Water Meter

Want to install a separate or individual meter for your flat? You will need the help of a licensed plumber. Find out what you and the licensed plumber should do before starting the plumbing work.

Refixing of Water Meter

You may need to apply for the refixing of a water meter when there is a change of occupancy of a premise and the meter has been removed at the request of the previous registered consumer. Find the application details here.

Water & Sewage Tariffs

Tips for Saving Water

Fresh water is a precious resource in Hong Kong, and we all need to do as much as we can to preserve it. Learn about why water should be saved, how you can do so at home and in the workplace, and the potential that reclaimed water has to improve the condition of our environment.

Sewage Treatment & Charges

Find out about sewage in Hong Kong, the infrastructure used to transport and treat it, the various charges levied against sewage production and how to enquire about the charging scheme.

Details of water and sewage charges (including calculation examples)

Learn about the various kinds of water and sewage tariffs and view the calculation examples here.

Drinking Water Quality

Quality Water Supply Scheme for Buildings

This scheme was launched to encourage building owners to maintain their plumbing system properly and ensure good water quality through their taps. Learn about the application procedures and assessment criteria here.

Drinking Water Quality, Sources and treatment in Hong Kong

Safe drinking water is vital to your health and to the continued development of Hong Kong. Find an overview of how the Water Supplies Department provides drinking water for Hong Kong, the water sources, raw water treatment in water treatment works, and the processes involved in safeguarding its quality.

Domestic Water Filters

The fresh water supplied by the Water Supplies Department fully complies with the Hong Kong Drinking Water Standards. There is no need for installation of filters if your plumbing system is properly maintained. If for some reasons you still opt to install a water filter, please note carefully the points here.

Flood Prevention

Keeping the Drainage System in Good Shape

Keeping drainage system in good working order can effectively alleviate the risk of flooding. Learn about the measures taken by Drainage Services Department (DSD) in order to maintain proper function of the drainage system here.

How to Reduce Flood Damage

Learn more about how to reduce damage caused by floods. Use the 24‐hour drainage hotline number (2300 1110) to report flooding.

Flooding Blackspots

Check out the list of flooding blackspots in Hong Kong and the mitigation measures undertaken by the Government.

Water Conservation

Education on Water Conservation

Every drop of water is very precious. Your active participation and support in water conservation is of utmost importance. See our school information kit here.

Water Saving Tips

A little change each day makes a big difference over time. Everyone can save a lot of water in everyday life. You will find some practical water saving tips here.

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