Tips for Saving Water

Fresh water is a precious resource in Hong Kong, and we all need to do as much as we can preserve it. Here you can learn about why water should be saved, how you can do so at home, in the community and in the workplace, and the potential that reclaimed water has to improve the condition of our environment.

Why Save Water?

Fresh water is a scarce resource around the world, and particularly so in Hong Kong. Learning how to save water is not difficult, and it can begin with teaching good habits to your children. All you have to do is to think a little about how easy it is to waste water in everyday activities.


There are a few simple tips that will allow you to conserve fresh water by only changing your habits slightly.

At Home

  • Take a shower instead of bath and shorten your shower time.

  • Use water saving devices, e.g. water efficient showerhead / tap, washing machine and dual flush toilet cistern, and pay attention to water efficiency labels.

  • Install flow controllers in water taps.

In Restaurant

  • Avoid asking for water refill unnecessarily. Only request the amount you want to drink.

  • Do not order excessive food. Avoid wasting food at a buffet. (To save virtual water of wasted food.)

  • Request replacement of the serving plate only when needed.

In Hotel

  • Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth, soaping your hands or shaving.

  • Avoid using towels unnecessarily.

  • Use reduced flush for liquid waste & avoid unnecessary flushing.

Saving Water at Work

Water can also be saved in the workplace with a little forethought and planning.

  • Use manufacturing processes and equipment that are efficient in water use.
  • Determine water requirements for each unit of production and check usage frequently.
  • Ensure that hot water pipe runs are as short as possible and that cold water pipes are laid away from heated areas.
  • Reduce water pressure to the lowest practical level.
  • Carry out regular leakage tests on concealed piping and check for overflowing tanks, waste, worn tap washers and other defects in the water supply system.
  • Pump cooling water to a condenser or heat exchanger for re-use.
  • Collect, dilute and recycle rinsing water.
  • Re-use steam by collecting condensation.
  • Collect used water for cooling purposes, floor cleaning and yard washing.
  • Ensure that bottles, cans, churns and other vessels are fully emptied before they are washed.
  • Reduce spillage by keeping the water level in rinsing and washing tanks to a minimum.
  • Turn off the water supply system at night and on holidays.
  • Place posters and other publicity materials in prominent places to encourage water conservation.
Do you want to learn more about water saving tips? Go to Water Conservation website now!

Using Reclaimed Water

A final way in which we can reduce the wastage of fresh water is to use reclaimed water. Reclaimed water is highly treated effluent that is clear in appearance, odourless and safe for non-drinking use. It is suitable for toilet flushing and irrigation, and is being used by the Government in various trial areas throughout Hong Kong. The Government is looking to expand its use in the future, because reclaimed water minimises pollution to the environment and burden to the ecosystem, and relieves the demand on freshwater resource.

More on using reclaimed water
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