Doing Business with the Government

Doing Business with the Government

Selling to the Government

Fluid Grids

Strategy on Procurement of Medical Devices by the Department of Health

The Department of Health (DH) has adopted a strategy that preference will be given to Medical Devices (MDs) listed under the Medical Device Administrative Control System (MDACS) in the procurement of medium to high risk MDs. Traders of MDs are encouraged to apply listing for their MDs under MDACS in addition to the application for inclusion in the supplier lists of the Government.

Listing Arrangement for Government Procurement of IT Products (GITP)

Check out the details of the GITP scheme administered by the Office of the Government Information Chief Officer (OGCIO). Interested IT suppliers can apply for admission at any time.

Purchase of Premises for the Provision of Welfare Facilities

Social Welfare Department ("SWD") is purchasing suitable private premises for the provision of welfare facilities to help meet community needs. Government Property Agency is assisting SWD to identify suitable non-domestic premises for sale through various channels. Information on the premises to be purchased for accommodating welfare facilities is provided on this website as open invitation for sale proposals from owners.

Information on Government Procurement

Read this useful overview on the procurement policy and procedures of the Government.

Government Tenders

Browse for information on current government tenders according to the nature of goods or services required. You can access specific tender details through the links to the websites of individual bureau or department here.

Government Tenders

e-Tendering System of the HKSAR Government

The e-Tendering System provides an electronic platform for contractors / consultants / suppliers to acquire government tender information on selected works contracts, works-related consultancy services, and goods and general services tenders. Interested tenderers may download tender documents and submit their tender with just a few clicks.

e-Tendering System of the HKSAR Government

Procurement and Contract Management System (PCMS) and e-Tender Box (ETB)

The Government Logistics Department (GLD) maintains lists of suppliers of various goods and related services. You can log into the PCMS to apply for inclusion in the GLD Supplier Lists and to check out the online services provided for suppliers.

GLD suppliers, GLD subscribers and applicants for inclusion in the GLD Suppliers Lists can make use of the e-Tender Box (ETB) of PCMS to download tender documents, submit tender offers and make enquires.

e-Procurement Programme

Check out the e-Procurement Programme and inclusion in the supplier list of participating bureaux/departments (B/Ds). This programme covers departmental purchases of low-value goods and services.

Forecast of Major Government Purchases

Check out the planned major purchases of the Government through the Government Logistics Department over the next 12 months. The webpage covers details such as description, estimated quantity, requisition date and the user bureau/department of the purchase requirement.

Forecast of Major Government Purchases

Application for Inclusion in the Government Logistics Department Supplier Lists

The Government Logistics Department (GLD) provides government bureaux or departments with logistics support in procurement and supplies, printing services, and transport operation and management. Find out how to apply to include your company in the GLD Supplier Lists for tender notifications.

Application for Inclusion in the Government Logistics Department Supplier Lists

General Management Consultancy (GMC) Services Portal

Through the portal, consultants can apply for registration on the GMC list maintained by the Efficiency Office and update their company profiles, scope of services, contact information, etc. The information provided by the registered consultants will be used by government departments for reference in connection with the procurement of management consultancy services.

Catalogue of Opportunities for Private Sector Participation

Find out the list of Information and Communications Technology related initiatives led by the Government for private sector participation, including Government outsourcing projects, funding schemes and other support schemes.

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