The Housing Authority e-Services for Public Rental Housing Applicants

The Housing Authority e-Services for Public Rental Housing Applicants

What is e-Services for Public Rental Housing Applicants?

E-Services for Public Rental Housing (PRH) Applicants provides 24-hour non-stop services to allow PRH applicants to make enquiries and submit the “Notice of Changed Particulars” and “Change of Interview Appointment Date/Time” forms through the Internet.

How to apply for the e-Services for PRH Applicants and link it up with MyGovHK account?

You must have an Housing Authority (HA) e-Services account in the first place, and you need to open a MyGovHK account at the MyGovHK portal.  To enjoy the easy sign-on function offered by MyGovHK, you can login your MyGovHK account and select “e-Services for PRH Applicants” and simply link up your HA e-Services for PRH Applicants account with your MyGovHK account.  For authentication purpose, you are required to enter the password of your HA e-Services account during the link up process.

Enjoy the single login benefit by linking up HA e-Services and other government online services with MyGovHK!

What are the benefits of using e-Services for PRH Applicants?

E-Services for PRH Applicants help you manage your information on the application for public rental housing. Through the e-services you can do the following online:

  • Make enquiry on the current status of the application for public rental housing.
  • Reschedule the appointment date/time of detailed vetting interview.
  • Submit the “Notice of Changed Particulars” form or make related enquiries.

Access to Housing Authority e-Services

MyGovHK, a new personalised portal launched by GovHK.

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Last revision date: October 2018
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