Hong Kong Flower Show

The Hong Kong Government is committed to promoting greening initiatives. There are a lot of gardens and greening events in Hong Kong, and one of the signature events is the Hong Kong Flower Show.

Organised by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department in March to promote horticulture and the awareness of greening, the show at Victoria Park in Causeway Bay features a different theme flower each year.

Major Attractions

During the show period, a rich diversity of educational and recreational fringe activities will be organised for the enjoyment of visitors of all ages. They include:

  • exhibit competition
  • photo competition
  • student drawing competition
  • music and cultural performances
  • floral art demonstrations
  • horticultural seminar and photography talk
  • workshops on greening activities
  • green stalls
  • guided visits
  • recreation programmes; and
  • fun games
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Green Measures

Various waste reduction and recycling measures are adopted for the Hong Kong Flower Show (the Show) every year to encourage stakeholders, including the organiser, participating organisations, contractors, show green ambassadors and the public, to apply the 3R concept – “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” together.  After the Show, the LCSD will hold a “Green Recycling Day” to collect reusable materials and distribute flowers and plants suitable for replanting to the public, schools, environmental groups and non-governmental organisations, so as to make sustainable use of resources and turn waste into energy.

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Wilted flowers and plants will be collected and delivered to Environmental Protection Department’s Animal Waste Composting Plant in Ngau Tam Mei for recycling into useful organic compost suitable for landscaping, horticultural and agricultural uses.

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Gardens & Greening in Hong Kong

In addition to the Hong Kong Flower Show, the public can appreciate lovely flowers and landscapes in different gardens in Hong Kong.

There are three main large-scale gardens in Hong Kong:

Hong Kong Park: There is a Forsgate Conservatory which consists of the Display Plant House, Dry Plant House and Humid Plant House. Together, they form a small flower exhibition.

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Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens: There are more than 900 species of plants in the garden. Trees are labelled with names so that visitors can learn about the different types of trees.

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Kowloon Park: Outdoor facilities are provided such as Gardens, Tree Walk and Bird Lake. Visitors can enjoy the footpaths with birds’ twitter and fragrance of flowers. The public can also participate in Greening Promotional Activities organised by the Green Education and Resource Centre to understand more about greening. The activities include guided visits, workshops and exhibitions.

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If you want to know the types of flowers blooming in different seasons and months, you may refer to the webpage “Flower in Bloom”, where plants’ names, images and locations are shown in detail.

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