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Greening plays an important role in building an environmentally friendly society. It brings about many benefits to our environment, and engages various sectors of the society. This article outlines the Hong Kong Government's greening policy, benefits of greening, the Government’s greening work, tree management and ways in which you can take part in greening Hong Kong.

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The Greening Policy

The Government is striving to uplift the quality of our living environment through active planting, proper maintenance and preservation of trees together with other vegetation. The target is to bring about noticeable improvements in urban greenery, to enhance existing greened areas, and to enhance opportunities for quality greening during the planning and development of public works projects.

To achieve the policy targets, the Government has developed strategies which aim to improve the coordination and effectiveness of greening efforts within the current regime, and to make greening an integral part of future public works projects. The Government would also encourage private sector and community participation to promote greening. The main initiatives being undertaken include active planting and greening programme, enhancing opportunities for quality greening, community support and private sector involvement, and tree preservation.

The Greening, Landscape and Tree Management (GLTM) Section was established under the Works Branch of the Development Bureau in March 2010 to champion a new and strategic policy on greening, landscaping and tree management, with a view to achieving the sustainable development of a greener environment for Hong Kong.

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Benefits of Greening

Establishment of urban greening through thoughtful planning of rich and colourful trees, shrubs, flowers among various shades of green plants, can create a fresh, beautiful, comfortable and elegant environment to improve the urban living conditions and enhance the quality of our lives.

A green landscape is an important means in improving our urban environment. The tree and flora planting form a complete greenery system which can help to purify air, moderate temperature, reduce soil erosion, improve water and soil quality and enhance the visual appeal and biodiversity of our city.

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Government’s Greening Work and Planting Records

The Government’s greening work is characterised by great variety and spatial distribution across the territory, ranging from extensive and ecological planting in the countryside to thematic and diversified planting in the urban and fringe areas. This greening work is realised through the concerted efforts of different Government departments.

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Tree Management

The Government adopts an “integrated approach” for the management of trees on government land. In essence, the department responsible for the maintenance of an area or a facility is also responsible for the maintenance of trees there. Tree Management Office is established under the GLTM Section to advocate the adoption of a professional approach to tree management among the tree management departments and community at large.

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Greening Master Plan

To better guide the planning, design and implementation of greening works, the Government has started to develop Greening Master Plans (GMPs) since 2004. The Plans aim to define an overall greening framework by identifying suitable locations for planting with desirable themes and species, thus paving the way for continuous and consistent results in enhancing the green environment. In developing the Plans, district characteristics have been given full consideration.


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Greening Works for Government Buildings

Besides GMPs, greening has been positively integrated into the design of government buildings. In addition to implementing greening at ground levels, the Government has been exploring ways to increase the greening areas in government buildings, like roof greening and vertical greening.

Skyrise greening represents a new concept of greenery in urban landscape. In a broad sense, it encompasses all greening at the buildings or other structures beyond the ground level, including roof greening, vertical greening, sky gardens, terrace planting, etc. Skyrise greening provides environmental benefits as well as enhances aesthetic quality of our urban environment. 

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Greening Schools

Greening culture is also promoted in schools. There are numerous greening methods, such as the cultivation of groves, landscaped gardens, lawns, shrubbery, garden plots, container plants, and the setting up of planters, trellises and hanging baskets. Schools can apply for subsidy through the Greening School Subsidy Scheme launched by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD). You can make your choice based on the size of the school campus, the existing facilities and the available resources.

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How You Can Participate

The community plays a significant role in our greening, landscape and tree management work. The Government launches a variety of community involvement and public education activities for various target groups to foster an attitude of greening the environment and care for trees across the territory. These activities include roving exhibitions, school talks, seminars for the industry, private owners and property management companies, etc.


Seminars have also been held to share with the relevant stakeholders the experience on skyrise greenery and tree management. 

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The "Green Volunteer Scheme" is launched in the 18 districts to encourage members of the public to participate in voluntary services of greening activities, to assist in tree surveillance work and report problematic trees, and to assist in promoting horticulture and greening activities, etc. Those who are interested can register as "Green Volunteers" under the Scheme, which will provide basic horticultural training and practical sessions for new recruits.

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The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department, LCSD and the Home Affairs Department have all along organised many planting activities and other green programmes for community participation. You can visit their websites for their latest activities and programmes.

Leisure and Cultural Services Department's websiteHome Affairs Department's websiteAgriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department's website
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