Hiring Local Domestic Helpers

Local domestic helpers can help you handle all household chores, from cooking, cleaning to taking care of family members. This article will tell you ways to hire local domestic helpers, recruitment tips and other points to note.

Where to Select Candidates

You may choose to post your vacancy or search online for candidates through the Smart Living portal of the Employees Retraining Board.

More on services provided by Smart Living

Recruitment Tips

Before recruiting a domestic helper, you should identify your requirements, such as scope of duties, mode of employment, number of working days per week, etc. You may draw up a job description to help the candidates understand your requirements.

During the recruitment process, you should observe the laws of Hong Kong on equal opportunities as well as protection of personal data.

Equal Opportunities CommissionOffice of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data

Written Employment Contract

When you have selected the right candidate, you are advised to enter into a written employment contract with him/her. You can find useful information for preparing an employment contract and a sample of it through the following links.

Notes for preparing an employment contract (pdf file)Sample employment contract

Statutory Obligations under Labour Legislation

As an employer, you are required to observe the labour legislation of Hong Kong. Answers to some frequently asked questions about your rights and obligations under the labour legislation are available on the following link.

FAQs about labour legislationEmployer shall take out insurance policy for the domestic helper

Reporting Income for Taxation

You may need to report your domestic helper's income to the Inland Revenue Department.

Reporting domestic helpers’ income for taxation
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