Harmony at Home

Maintaining a harmonious home is essential for the well-being of an individual, a couple and their offspring. This article provides the information you can rely on when seeking family harmony, as well as the support and services offered to families by the Government.

Maintaining a Harmonious Family Life

Family Life Education Resource Centre (FLERC) website provides you with knowledge and advice on relationships with family members, home management, personal growth, sex education etc. Its content targets at different age groups at different life stages, such as married couples, parents and adolescents.

Family Life Education Resource Centre website

Services for Families

The family life education service provided by Social Welfare Department aims to enhance family functioning by helping family members to fulfill their roles and to strengthen family bonds by enhancing their understanding among each other. The service takes the form of talks and also through develops assortment of different resource materials for lending to members (such as social service organizations and related bodies) to run family life education programmes. FLERC will form task forces and appoint technical agents to develop resource materials basing on the local context.

Family Life Education Resource Centre website

The Integrated Family Service Centres and Integrated Services Centres, operated by the Social Welfare Department and subvented non-governmental organisations, provides comprehensive services to meet the needs of families in the community, covering family life education, parent-child activities, mutual-help groups and counselling.

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For advice on family planning, sexual and reproductive health and family sexuality education, the Family Planning Association of Hong Kong provides clinic services, educational talks, marriage and sex counselling for couples, married or to-be-married. It also offers sexuality education resource materials and outreach educational activities for parents.

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When You are in Family Crisis

Amid crisis or distress in families, it is always advised to seek assistance at an early stage. The Family Crisis Support Centre, operated by Caritas – Hong Kong, provides 24-hour hotline service (18288), short-term emergency intervention with overnight accommodation, temporary retreat and other support services for individuals or families in crisis.

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