Parks with Special Features and Themes

Not every park is just a park. Hong Kong has a number of parks with special themes and features, all for your enjoyment and education. This article will introduce you to the range of such parks and what you can do when you visit them.

Geological Marvels

In this busy city, it is easy to forget that we live so close to a group of internationally recognised geological marvels. Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark covers eight geo areas in Hong Kong. Conserving our unique volcanic and sedimentary rock formations and preserving diverse ecosystems, the Geopark is within easy reach from our urban centres. Why not visit the intriguing rock columns of High Island, the ancient outcrops on Wong Chuk Kok Tsui or witness the magnificent coastal landscapes of Ninepin Group, among others?

Further information on the GeoparkGeosites

Water Wonderlands

For those particularly interested in aquatic life, the Hong Kong Wetland Park and our marine parks are definitely worth a visit. The Wetland Park in Tin Shui Wai covers 61 hectares, encompassing a Visitor Centre and a Wetland Reserve. Visitors have the chance to see an abundance of wildlife including birds, butterflies, dragonflies, fiddler crabs and mudskippers, as well as various wetland plants in the Wetland Reserve.

Hong Kong Wetland ParkFurther information on habitats

Our Marine Parks also host a diversity of wildlife, which protect them from the threats posed by development. The Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park, for instance, is home to mangroves, fish and coral communities. The Shau Chau and Lung Kwu Chau Marine Park is rich in fisheries resources, thus is also an important habitat for the famous Chinese White Dolphin.

General information on Marine ParksInformation on public education activities and ecotours

Zoological Exhibits

A little closer to home you can see other animals in two very popular zoological gardens. The Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens is located in the Mid-levels, overlooking the Central District of Hong Kong. The Old Garden in the east contains a popular aviary, among other attractions, and the New Garden in the west houses mammals and reptiles. You will have the chance to see orangutans, gibbons, lemurs, marmosets, pythons, terrapins and tortoises – just to name a few.

More on the Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens

At Tuen Mun Park, you can encounter exotic animals. Amid the various recreation facilities, a key attraction is the Reptile House. The complex contains everything from Thai Water Dragons to Carpet Pythons and Leopard Tortoise, which makes it a must-see for reptile lovers.

General information on Tuen Mun ParkReptile House opening times

Science-focused Parks

If science is your passion, two parks are worth a visit. The first one is the Po Kong Village Road Park in Diamond Hill. It impresses bike-riding fans with its elevated cycling track and also features a Renewable Energy Zone with education panels on various renewable energy systems, an operational wind turbine power generator and a photovoltaic system.

More on the Po Kong Village Road Park

Another one is the Astropark, located within the Chong Hing Water Sports Centre at High Island Reservoir. It  will boost your interest in stargazing. Divided into an Educational Zone, a Naked-eye Observation Area and a Telescopic Observation Area, the park will bring out the amateur astronomer in you!

Astropark information

Renovated Spaces

If you are interested in seeing the beneficial results of urban redevelopment in Hong Kong, two parks are worth visiting. The Jordan Valley Park in Kwun Tong of around 6.3 hectares, developed on a former landfill site, provides a wide range of facilities for public use, including radio-controlled model car circuits, jogging tracks, a horticultural educational centre and other fitness and play facilities.

More on Jordan Valley ParkPark opening hours

In Kowloon Tong, the renovated Cornwall Street Park might be smaller, but its ‘virtual stream flow’ design theme is no less inviting. Installed with innovative furniture and signage, as well as chic decorative accents, the park is definitely a place to go.

Cornwall Street Park websitePark design explained

Historical and Cultural Treasures

Hong Kong is fortunate to have parks that capture many aspects of the city’s history and reflect classical Chinese culture, such as the Kowloon Walled City Park, Nan Lian Garden and Hong Kong Park. Located on the site formerly used as a garrison by imperial officials during the Qing dynasty, the Kowloon Walled City Park tells visitors the stories of Hong Kong with its former Yamen and unearthed relics. Its Jiangnan style garden provides a tranquil and relaxed environment to them.

More on the Kowloon Walled City Park

Situated above Admiralty and Central on what was once Victoria Barracks, Hong Kong Park preserves a number of garrison buildings. Among these, Flagstaff House, former residence of the British Commander in Chief, is now the Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware. Rawlinson house, former residence of the British Deputy Commander, is now the Cotton Tree Drive Marriage Registry. The park also features an artificial lake and waterfall, a conservatory and aviaries.

Further information on Hong Kong Park

If a more serene landscape is to your liking, Nan Lian Garden in Diamond Hill will be appealing. Managed for the Government by the Chi Lin Nunnery, the garden is in the classical style of the Tang Dynasty, with hills, rocks, water features, plants and timber structures are all used according to the Tang style and rules but harmonised with the local environment. The result is a tranquil space echoing the richness of traditional Chinese culture.

Further information on Nan Lian GardenNan Lian Garden

Pet and Bird Gardens

If you are interested in pets, there are various outdoor areas for you. Bird lovers can visit the Yuen Po Street Bird Garden in Prince Edward. Designed in the style of a traditional Chinese garden, the 3,000-square-metre setting features standard garden facilities and 70 stalls selling exotic birds and related equipment.

Yuen Po Street Bird Garden websiteMore on the Yuen Po Street Bird Garden

There are also a number of parks that you can take your pets to, such as Victoria Peak Garden, the Po Lam Sitting Out Area in Sai Kung and Kowloon Tsai Park. Dog owners will be particularly pleased to know that all districts in Hong Kong offer parks with facilities such as excreta collection bins, dog latrines and hand-washing amenities.

List of pet gardens by district
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