Cycling in Hong Kong

Cycling is a great way to enjoy Hong Kong – you will become fit and healthy. As a bonus, you will get to see the natural beauty all around us. This article provides information on cycling in both the urban and rural areas of Hong Kong, organised cycling activities and competitive cycling if you are more keen than most to be on two wheels.

Why Cycling in Hong Kong?

Aside from the health benefits and fun of cycling in Hong Kong, cycling does not pollute, thus keeps the air clean. So why not cycle as a means of transport for short-distance travel? 

The Cycling Information Centre (CIC) provides a full range of information related to cycling in Hong Kong, such as locations of cycling tracks and parking sites, applicable traffic signs, cycling regulations, etc. Check out the link below for more information.

More about CIC

Safety when Cycling

Currently, many cycling trips are made each day, mainly in the less congested New Territories and outlying islands. The accident rate is low, but taking precautions is always wise.

Aside from the basic riding skills of moving off, slowing down and progressive braking, you should:

  • practise emergency braking in a safe area.
  • wear safety helmets and protective pads.
  • ride on cycle tracks whenever possible and avoid riding on the carriageways.
  • use the correct signals when changing directions.

Before moving off, stopping and turning left or right, you should:

  • think.
  • look.
  • signal.

When cycling on roads, you need to observe the traffic rules that are applicable to drivers.  Besides, there are some regulations and rules that are particularly applicable to cyclists in order to enhance cycling safety and avoid traffic accidents.  Please check out the Safe Cycling Tips listed on the CIC.

Safe Cycling Tips

For more information, you can visit the webpage for cycling safety from the Transport Department.

Cycling Safety

Safety Equipment for Cycling in a Country Park

Cyclists are advised to put on the following safety equipment when riding on a mountain bike trail/site in a country park:

  • Always wear a helmet that complies with the American National Standards Institute ( ANSI ) standard or equivalent.
  • Wear a colourful jersey and a pair of proper, reflective shoes to alert hikers and other country park visitors from a distance.
  • Ride a sturdily built bicycle with effective brakes.
  • Ride a bicycle with a horn or bell.
  • The width of your bicycle’s tires must be at least 4.5 cm (1.75 inches).
More on requirements for mountain biking in country parks

Cycling Locations

Whether in urban areas or in the countryside, there are always some nice places for you to cycle safely and out of the traffic. Urban cycling tracks and grounds are available in leisure venues for safe recreational riding.

There are plenty of places in Hong Kong where you can take a breezy ride and soak up the beautiful scenery along the way.

If mountain biking is more appealing to your adventurous side, you can experience the 10 mountain bike trails and areas in country parks.

Competitive Cycling

If you are interested in cycling more as a competitive sport than a leisure or recreational activity, Hong Kong still has a lot to offer. The Cycling Association of Hong Kong, China Limited, subvented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, organises all forms of competitive cycling. Activities include road racing, track racing, BMX racing, artistic indoor cycling and cycle ball. In recent years the Association has branched out into mountain bike racing and youth and children’s racing.

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