Renewable Energy Certificates

The Renewable Energy Certificates (RE Certificates) Scheme is one of the important RE initiatives introduced under the current Scheme of Control Agreements (SCAs) (which were signed between the Government and the two respective power companies in April 2017) to promote the development of RE in Hong Kong.  Under this scheme, RE Certificates are sold by the power companies for units of electricity from RE sources such that buyers can claim their operation or activities are carbon-free.

What are RE Certificates?

RE Certificates will represent units of electricity from local RE sources (whether such electricity is generated or purchased by the power companies), with the demand for RE Certificates matching the supply of RE within a prescribed period.  The revenue from the sale of RE Certificates will be used to alleviate the overall tariff impact on all consumers brought by the introduction of the Feed-in Tariff (FiT) Scheme, which is also introduced under the current SCAs.

What are the objectives of RE Certificates?

Under the current SCAs, FiT and RE Certificates are two important new initiatives introduced to promote the development of RE.  FiT helps encourage the private sector to consider investing in RE as the power generated could be sold to the power companies under the FiT Scheme at a rate higher than the normal electricity tariff rate to help recover the costs of investment in the RE systems and generation.  At the same time, RE Certificates will be sold by the power companies for units of electricity from RE sources.  The sale of RE Certificates will help enhance public awareness of environmental protection, and the community can show its support for RE.  The revenue from the RE Certificates will also help alleviate the overall tariff impact of the FiT Scheme.

What is the price of RE Certificates?

Each RE Certificate is priced at a premium on top of the normal price of a unit of electricity and the current pricing is $0.5 per unit of electricity.  It will be reviewed annually in order to reflect market demand.

How can I buy RE Certificates?

RE Certificates will be available for sale by each of the two power companies to its respective customers within its supply area.

More information on RE Certificates

For more information on RE Certificates, please visit the power companies' websites –

CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (Residential)CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (Business)The Hongkong Electric Co., Limited
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