The Student Finance Office (SFO) E-link

SFO E-link

"SFO E-link" ( is an e-platform of the Student Finance Office (SFO) to provide the following online services:

My Applications, My Counter Appointments and My Bills

  • My Applications allows registered users to submit online applications and upload supporting documents for designated financial assistance schemes at post-secondary and tertiary levels. Eligible users may also submit online applications and upload supporting documents for financial assistance schemes at pre-primary, primary and secondary levels.

    Access My Applications


  • My Counter Appointments allows users who have been invited by the SFO to make online appointments for interviews on matters related to their loan applications under designated student financial assistance schemes. Users who have been notified by the SFO to collect cheques under the designated student financial assistance scheme can also make online appointments. The users concerned can amend, cancel or enquire their appointments online.

    Access My Counter Appointments


  • My Bills allows a registered user who has commenced repayment to view his loan account information, including the repayment schedule, the history of all repayment transactions and the most recent loan repayment demand note. It also provides online repayment service. Registered loan borrower can also register for SMS notification service for receiving notifications when demand note is issued or due. For registered user who has not yet commenced loan repayment, My Loan Information is also available for viewing loan information, including the date of loan disbursement and the loan amount. Registered user can also use the repayment calculator to preliminarily assess the repayment amount.
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Other Services

  • My Application Status allows a user to view the application status of all his student financial assistance applications under SFO.
  • My Options – Commencement of Loan Repayment allows a user to select the repayment period, the repayment commencement date (if applicable) and the repayment frequency (if applicable), or make a request for lump sum repayment before commencement of repayment.
  • Financial Calculators allows a user to calculate roughly the estimated amount of financial assistance to be available to him and the loan repayment amount he needs to repay.
  • Partial / Lump Sum Repayment Request allows a user to make an online request for partial / lump sum repayment.
  • Deferment of Loan Repayment Application allows a user to know the application procedures and download the application form.

    Access Other Services of SFO E-link


The Way to Use SFO E-link Services


Benefits of Using SFO E-link Services


For enquiries on SFO E-link services, please email SFO at

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