Choosing a Secondary School

Choosing a secondary school for your children is essential to their future and personal growth. Here you can know more about the factors you should take into account when choosing a secondary school and how to make the right choice for your children.

What should I look for in a secondary school?

When considering the best secondary school for your children, you should consider:


Your children's preference

Priority should be given to your children's personal needs and preference, so that the school you choose suits their personalities, learning habits, interests and talents.

School ethos and culture

More important than academic achievements is whether the school has clear belief or core value, and whether students are positive and polite and enjoying their school life.

Medium of Instruction (MOI) Arrangements

MOI arrangements are one of the teaching strategies for parents to consider when making secondary school choices for their children.

Teachers' vision and mission

Teachers should be devoted to mentoring their students, having enough time to prepare their lessons and talk with students, rather than turning to administrative work.

Co-curricular activities

A great variety of co-curricular activities encourage students to reflect on learning by participation. Such activities are also beneficial to students' physical and mental health.

Environment and facilities

There should be sufficient facilities and space in the campus for students to participate in school activities.

Parents' participation

Good home-school cooperation can foster quality development of students. Schools welcome parents' participation and appreciate support from them.

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What are the choices?


To know more about the choices of schools in your neighbourhood, you can check out the profiles of secondary schools on the following links. 

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How can I know more about the schools of choice?

You can visit the school or attend the school's open day to talk with the principal and teachers, and observe the learning environment and students there. You can also make reference to the school's pamphlets, annual reports, websites or other publications to know more about the school.

Procedures for Admission to Secondary 1

If you wish to secure a subsidised Secondary 1 (S1) place for your child, you will be informed of the application procedures and deadlines through the primary school when your child is studying Primary 6 if the school is participating in the Secondary School Places Allocation (SSPA) System.

If your child is studying in a primary school not participating in the SSPA System, you have to apply directly to the schools you prefer for an S1 place. Government, aided, caput and Direct Subsidy Scheme secondary schools participating in the SSPA System usually accept applications of S1 admission for the next school year in January each year. You may also register with the School Places Allocation Section of the Education Bureau from the beginning of May to the end of August each year for a subsidised S1 place.

For admission to other secondary levels, parents have to approach their preferred schools direct for details of application.

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