Bringing Pets to Hong Kong

When you plan to move to Hong Kong, you may want to bring your fluffy friends too. Here you can learn about the application procedures for bringing animals to Hong Kong, licencing requirements, registered vets and how to be a responsible pet owner.

Importing Animals

Before setting foot in Hong Kong, you have to apply for a Special Permit at a specified fee in order to bring your pet here. You can learn about the application procedures through the following link.

Import of animals and birds

Dog Licensing

It is illegal to keep dogs aged over 5 months in Hong Kong without a licence. Therefore, you are advised to license your dog at a licensing centre of the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD). No advance booking is needed and it only takes about 15 minutes. You can have your dog vaccinated and microchipped too.

Dog licensing, microchip identification and vaccination against rabies

List of Registered Veterinary Surgeons

The following link provides you with a list of registered vets in Hong Kong. You can check about the qualifications of the vets near your place.

List of registered veterinary surgeons

Be a Responsible Pet Owner

If you are planning to bring your dog to Hong Kong, you should check if your future living place allows dogs. Besides, most of Hong Kong’s apartments are of confined space. Large, active breeds may not have enough room for exercise or may cause nuisance to neighbours more easily. Therefore, you should think twice and take proper care of your pet.

Responsible pet ownershipProper control of your animals
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