The Natural Resources & Nature Conservation Policy in Hong Kong

Nature conservation is a central feature of the Government's plans for the future of Hong Kong. Here you can learn about the diversity of local natural resources and what the Government is doing to manage and protect them.

Hong Kong, the Wilderness

Hong Kong has a wide range of habitats that support many thousands of plant and animal species. It also has a great deal to offer with its abundance of wilderness areas. With a range of country and marine parks available for exploration, you can easily get in touch with nature.

Information about visiting country and marine parks

The Natural Environment, Plants and Animals in Hong Kong

In the many natural areas that surround the urban heartland of Hong Kong live a surprising variety of plant and animal species. Even the urban parks are home to more species than you might imagine. The following link will take you to a page on this biodiversity to give you an idea of the bigger picture.

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Register of Old and Valuable Trees

The Register of Old and Valuable Trees maintained by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department lists trees of special significance to Hong Kong. Trees on un-leased Government land within built-up areas or tourist attraction spots in the village areas can be included in the Register if they fulfil the selection criteria. They can be sorted into one of numerous categories.

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Protection of Endangered Species

The Hong Kong Government takes the protection of endangered species very seriously. International standards and local initiatives are used to ensure that highly endangered species remain protected, and that the trade in any endangered species is strictly regulated. A dedicated Resource Centre is leading other education efforts to make sure that you know why it is so important to protect all species of plants and animals that are under threat of extinction.

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The New Nature Conservation Policy

To better achieve its nature conservation objectives, the Government promulgated a new policy in 2004. The policy involves the regulation, protection and management of the natural resources that are important for the conservation of Hong Kong's biodiversity. The aim is to do this in a sustainable manner, taking into account social and economic considerations. More specific conservation measures include:

  • Conserving the natural environment through the identification, designation and management of suitable areas as country parks, special areas, marine parks and marine reserves.
  • Conserving important marine fauna and flora.
  • Offering advice on development proposals, planning strategies and environmental impact assessments.
  • Environmental law enforcement.
  • Identifying and managing sites of special scientific interest.
  • Monitoring the ecology of the Mai Po Inner Deep Bay Ramsar Site.
  • Developing and managing the Hong Kong Wetland Park.
  • Promoting public awareness and participation in nature conservation through publicity and educational activities.

These activities are ensuring that we can all enjoy and benefit from our natural environment, now and in the future.

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Countryside Conservation

To protect the natural ecology of the countryside, revitalise the architectural environment of villages and conserving cultural resources, a Countryside Conservation Office (CCO) was established in end July 2018 to coordinate conservation projects that promote sustainable development of remote countryside. $1 billion has been earmarked for the CCO to implement conservation efforts and revitalisation works.

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