Electronic Radiation Licensing and Services System (ERLS)

The Electronic Radiation Licensing and Services System (ERLS) is a system for providing the following licensing and related services to companies and their staff to facilitate the safe use of ionizing radiation in Hong Kong.

  • Radiation Board Licensing Services - For Irradiating Apparatus / Radioactive Substances Licences
  • Radiation Monitoring Service Subscriber - For subscriber of Radiation Monitoring Service
  • Radiation Monitoring Service User - For personal dose enquiry
  • Medical Examination - For medical examination appointment for radiation workers
  • Import Licence - For importer of Radioactive Substances and Irradiating Apparatus
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Create ERLS Account

To submit applications through ERLS, you are required to create a user account by completing an online application form.

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Access ERLS Account

You can select to access your account via ERLS or MyGovHK.

  • Login via ERLS
  • Login with MyGovHK account to access the following ERLS services:
    • Radiation Board Licensing Services
    • Radiation Monitoring Service Subscriber
    • Radiation Monitoring Service User
    • Medical Examination

MyGovHK Easy Sign-on function allows you to access different government online services through a single account. You can log into your MyGovHK account and go to “My Online Services” to link up with your ERLS account. You can access ERLS services by just logging into your MyGovHK account after the linkup. Please note that each ERLS account can only be linked up with one MyGovHK account.

Access MyGovHK


For enquiries, please call 2886 1551 or email to enquiry@erls.gov.hk.


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