Consultation Papers in Archive (2019)

Consultation Papers in Archive

Consultation Paper Closing Date
Public Consultation on Proposed Updates to Safety Standards for Toys and Children's Products 31.12.2019
The HK Rehabilitation Programme Plan: Consensus Building Stage Public Forum- Information Pack for Participants 20.12.2019
End-of-life Care: Legislative Proposals on Advance Directives and Dying in Place - Consultation Document 16.12.2019
Task Force on Review of School Curriculum - Consultation Document 16.10.2019
Public Consultation on Air Quality Objectives Review 11.10.2019
Public Engagement on Long-term Decarbonisation Strategy 20.9.2019
Stage 2 Public Engagement for the Pilot Study on Underground Space Development in Selected Strategic Urban Areas
Causing or Allowing the Death or Serious Harm of a Child or Vulnerable Adult 16.8.2019
Public Consultation on Proposals to Enhance Animal Welfare 31.7.2019
Public Consultation on Preliminary Recommendations by Task Force on Promotion of VPET 12.7.2019
Consultation Document on Provisional Recommendations on Boundaries and Names of Geographical Constituencies for the 2020 Legislative Council General Election 6.6.2019
Public Consultation on Statutory Cooling-Off Period For Beauty and Fitness Services Consumer Contracts 16.4.2019
Views on Formulation of New HK Rehabilitation Programme Plan 2nd Stage Public Consultation 4.4.2019
Consultation Paper on 2018 Draft Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments 31.3.2019
Public Consultation on Proposed Mainland Judgments in Matrimonial and Family Cases (Reciprocal Recognition and Enforcement) Bill and Rules 8.3.2019
LRC Invites Public views on Reform of Access to Information Regime 5.3.2019
Public Consultation on Archives Law 5.3.2019
Consultation Paper on Review of the Telecommunications Regulatory Framework 27.2.2019
Public Consultation on Implementation of UN International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights 4.2.2019
Public Consultation on Licensing Regime for Property Management Companies and Property Management Practitioners 2.1.2019



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