Consultation Papers in Archive (2004)


Consultation Paper Closing Date
 Public Consultation on the Regulation of Card Issuers for Prepaid Telecommunications Services (pdf format) 24.12.2004
 Public Consultation on the Implementation of the Town Planning (Amendment) Ordinance 2004 (pdf format) 19.12.2004
 Public Consultation on Regulation of Internet Protocol (IP) Telephony (pdf format) 4.12.2004
 Public Consultation on Proposed Scheme to Require Mandatory Registration and Labelling of the Contents of Volatile Organic Compounds in Specified Products (pdf format) 30.11.2004
 Public Consultation for the Harbour Area Treatment Scheme (HATS) Stage 2 (pdf format) 20.11.2004
 Public Consultation on Sustainable Development Strategy (pdf format) 12.11.2004
 Proposals to Contain the Problem of Unsolicited Electronic Messages (pdf format) 25.10.2004
 Public Consultation on Estate Duty Review (pdf format) 20.10.2004
 The Third Report of the Constitutional Development Task Force: Areas which may be Considered for Amendment in respect of the Methods for Selecting the Chief Executive in 2007 and Forming the Legislative Council in 2008 (pdf format) 15.10.2004
 Substitute decision-making and advance directives in relation to medical treatment (pdf format) 30.9.2004
 Providing quality of service information to consumers of public telecommunications services (pdf format) 23.9.2004
 Consultation on Privity of Contract (pdf format) 31.8.2004
 Consultation on New Strategy of Innovation and Technology Development (pdf format) 31.8.2004
 Consultation Paper on Extending the Code of Practice for the Service Contracts for Public Mobile Radiotelephone Services to Other Public Telecommunications Service Providers (pdf format) 20.8.2004
 Consultation Paper on Code of Practice on Unsolicited Doorstep Sales and Marketing of Telecommunications Services at Residential Premises (pdf format) 20.8.2004
 Consultation on land formation and infrastructure works for a new prison complex at Hei Ling Chau (pdf format) 31.7.2004
 Consultation on Building Height Restrictions for Kwun Tong and Kowloon Bay Business Areas (pdf format) 13.7.2004
 Prevention of Avian Influenza : Consultation on Long Term Direction to Minimize the Risk of Human Infection (pdf format) 2.7.2004
 Public Consultation on Outline of Report Against Torture (pdf format) 18.6.2004
 Consultation on the Information Technology Professional Services Arrangement (ITPSA) (pdf format) 12.6.2004
 Rules for determining domicile (pdf format) 31.5.2004
 Review of Built Heritage Conservation Policy (pdf format) 18.5.2004
 Information Technology in Education - Way Forward (pdf format) 15.5.2004
 Consultation on DesignSmart Initiative (pdf format) 30.4.2004
 Licensing of Mobile Services on Expiry of Existing Licences for Second Generation Mobile Services Analysis of Comments Received, Preliminary Conclusions and Further Consultation (pdf format) 30.4.2004
 Guidelines relating to Anti-Competitive Conduct in Telecommunications Markets (pdf format) 26.4.2004
 Public Consultation on Building Management and Maintenance (pdf format) 15.4.2004
 Consultation on Feasibility of Establishing Policyholders' Protection Funds (pdf format) 31.3.2004
 Consultation on "Hong Kong 2030: Planning Vision and Strategy" Study, Stage 3 (pdf format) 31.3.2004
 Consultation on Draft Code on Disclosure for MPF Investment Funds (pdf format) 15.3.2004
 Second Consultation on Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting in Hong Kong (pdf format) 5.3.2004
 Second Consultation Paper on Type II Interconnection (pdf format) 24.2.2004
 Consultation on Exemption of Offshore Funds from Profits Tax (pdf format) 13.2.2004
 Public Consultation on Labelling Scheme on Nutrition Information 31.1.2004
 Public Consultation on Reduction of Licence Fee for the Carrier Licences 30.1.2004


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