Consultation Papers in Archive (2005)


Consultation Paper Closing Date
 Building a Healthy Tomorrow Discussion Paper on the Future Service Delivery Model for our Health Care System (pdf format) 31.10.2005
 Public Consultation on Medium of Instruction and School Places Allocation (pdf format) 2.7.2005
 Public Consultation on Future Development of the Electricity Market in Hong Kong (Stage I Consultation) (pdf format) 30.4.2005
 Public Consultation on Legislative Proposals to Establish Financial Reporting Council (pdf format) 15.4.2005
 Public Consultation on Northern New Territories Green Tourism Development Programme (pdf format) 18.3.2005
 Public Consultation on Licensing Framework For Deployment of Broadband Wireless Access (pdf format) 14.3.2005
 Public Consultation on Proposed Amendments To The Securities And Futures Ordinance To Give Statutory Backing To Major Listing Requirements (pdf format) 7.3.2005
 Public Consultation on New Regulatory Framework for Fishing Activities in Hong Kong (pdf format) 6.3.2005
 Public Consultation on Partial Privatization of the Airport Authority (pdf format) 28.2.2005
 Public Consultation on Concept Plan for Lantau 28.2.2005
 Public Consultation on the Review of Certain Provisions of the Copyright Ordinance (pdf format) 15.2.2005
 Public Consultation on the Proposed Legislation against Racial Discrimination (pdf format) 8.2.2005
 Public Consultation on Alcoholic Beverages Duty (pdf format) 2.2.2005
 Public Consultation on Exemption of Offshore Funds from Profits Tax (pdf format) 31.1.2005
 Public Consultation on Guideline on Interconnection between the In-building Coaxial Cable Distribution Systems (pdf format) 28.1.2005
 "Reforming the Academic Structure for Senior Secondary Education and Higher Education - Actions for Investing in the Future" (pdf format) 19.1.2005
 Consultation on the Proposals on the Methodology of the Pay Level Survey and the Application of the Survey Results for the Civil Service (pdf format) 7.1.2005


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