Consultation Papers in Archive (2014)


Consultation Paper Closing Date
Phase II Public Engagement Exercise for Proposed Establishment of Harbourfront Authority 24.12.2014
Consultation on Risk-based Capital Framework for Hong Kong Insurance Industry 15.12.2014
Consultation on Enhancements to Deposit Protection Scheme 12.12.2014
Consultation on Proposed Updates to Safety Standards for Toys and Children's Products 2.12.2014
Public Consultation Exercise on the Renewal of the Analogue Sound Broadcasting Licences of Hong Kong Commercial Broadcasting Company Limited and Metro Broadcast Corporation Limited 14.11.2014
Stage 3 Public Engagement for Tung Chung New Town Extension Study 31.10.2014
Discrimination Law Review Public Consultation 31.10.2014
Consultation on Disqualification of Candidates with Unserved Prison Sentences and other Related Matters 30.9.2014
Public Consultation on MPF "Core Fund" 30.9.2014
Consultation on Proposals to Improve the Regulatory Regime for Listed Entity Auditors 19.9.2014
Consultation on Franchises of Citybus Limited (Franchise for Hong Kong Island and Cross-Harbour Bus Network) and New Lantao Bus Company (1973) Limited 16.9.2014
Public Consultation on Review of Hotel and Guesthouse Accommodation Ordinance 28.8.2014
Consultation on Mandatory Reporting and Related Record Keeping Rules for OTC Derivatives Market 18.8.2014
Review of Policy on Conservation of Built Heritage Public Consultation 4.8.2014
Consultation on Extension of Service of Civil Servants 2.8.2014
Consultative Document on Provisional Recommendations on Boundaries and Names of District Council Constituency Areas for the 2015 District Council Election 25.7.2014
Stage 3 Public Engagement for "Kowloon Bay Business Area Pedestrian Environment Improvement - Feasibility Study" 18.7.2014
Application for Domestic Free Television Programme Service Licence Public Consultation 17.7.2014
Stage 2 Community Engagement for "Planning and Engineering Study for Housing Sites in Yuen Long South - Investigation" 14.7.2014
Public Consultation on Enhanced Measures against Shop Front Extensions 14.7.2014
Public Consultation on FTA between HK and ASEAN 7.7.2014
Consultation on the Fourth Strategy on Information Technology in Education 6.7.2014
Consultation on New Open-ended Fund Company Structure 19.6.2014
Public Consultation on Future Fuel Mix for Electricity Generation 18.6.2014
Consultation on Review of Family Procedure Rules 16.6.2014
Public Consultation on the Review of the Statutory Minimum Wage Rate 18.5.2014
Stage 2 Community Engagement for Planning and Engineering Study on Future Land Use at Ex-Lamma Quarry Area - Feasibility Study 17.5.2014
Public Consultation on the Methods for Selecting the Chief Executive in 2017 and for Forming the Legislative Council in 2016 3.5.2014
Consultation on Establishing an Effective Resolution Regime for Financial Institutions in Hong Kong 6.4.2014
Public Consultation on the Renewal of the Domestic Free Television Programme Service Licences of Asia Television Limited (ATV) and Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) 3.4.2014
Public Engagement Exercise on Population Policy 23.2.2014
Stage 2 Public Consultation for Connecting Kowloon East - Environmentally Friendly Linkage System 4.2.2014
Public Consultation on RESCUE Drug Testing Scheme 24.1.2014
Stage 2 Public Engagement for "Kowloon Bay Business Area Pedestrian Environment Improvement - Feasibility Study" 10.1.2014
Phase 1 Public Engagement Exercise for Proposed Establishment of Harbourfront Authority 4.1.2014


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