Consultation Papers in Archive (2011)


Consultation Paper Closing Date
Public Consultation on Review of Regulation on Election Advertisements 31.12.2011
Public Consultation on Review of the Patent System in Hong Kong 31.12.2011
Public Consultation on Initial Proposals for the Regional Cooperation Plan on Building a Quality Living Area 30.11.2011
Public Consultation on Restriction of Sale of Energy-inefficient Incandescent Light Bulbs 11.11.2011
Proposed Updates to Safety Standards for Toys and Children's Products 31.10.2011
Public Consultation on the Proposals to Amend the Veterinary Surgeons Registration Ordinance 31.10.2011
Public Consultation on the Requirements of the New Franchises of the Three Franchised Bus Companies 30.9.2011
Public Consultation on Arrangements for Filling Vacancies in the Legislative Council 24.9.2011
Public Consultation on Refined Regulatory Framework for Pesticide Residues in Food in Hong Kong 19.9.2011
Consultation Paper on Charities issued by the Law Reform Commission 16.9.2011
Public Consultation on the Review of Liquor Licensing 14.9.2011
Consultation on Arrangements for Issuing Certificate of Particulars of Motor Vehicle 11.9.2011
Public Consultation for Formulation a Code of Practice for Online Service Providers 9.9.2011
Consultation on Moral and National Education Curriculum (Chinese only) 31.8.2011
Public Consultation on the Extension of the Environmental Levy Scheme on Plastic Shopping Bags 16.8.2011
Review of the Operation and Regulatory Framework of the Tourism Sector in Hong Kong 15.7.2011
Public Consultation on Standards of Ancillary Visual Service in conjunction with Digital Audio Broadcasting Service 24.3.2011
Consultation Paper on Spectrum Utilization Fee for Spectrum Assigned Administratively 25.2.2011
Public Consultation on the Consultancy Study on Rationalising the Utilisation of Road Harbour Crossings 9.2.2011
Public Consultation on Proposed Legislative Amendments to Eradicate Pyramid Schemes 31.1.2011
Healthcare Reform Second Stage Public Consultation 7.1.2011



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