Consultation Papers in Archive (2003)


Consultation Paper C losing D ate
 Consultation Paper on Proposals to Enhance the Regulation of Listing (pdf format) 31.12.2003
 Consultation on Proposed Penalties for Repeat Hygiene Offenders (pdf format) 23.12.2003
 Consultation Paper on the 2004 Digital 21 Strategy (pdf format) 10.12.2003
 Consultation paper on Regulation of Health Claims (pdf format) 15.11.2003
 Consultation Paper on the Proposals to Enhance the Oversight of the Public Interest Activities of Auditors and Establish a Financial Reporting Review Panel 31.10.2003
 Public Consultation on the Review of the Nature Conservation Policy (pdf format), text version (pdf format) 18.10.2003
 Licensing of Mobile Services on Expiry of Existing Licences for Second Generation Mobile Services 2.10.2003
 Regulation of Medical Devices in Hong Kong (pdf format) 30.9.2003
 Corporate Governance Review Phase II Proposals (pdf format) 30.9.2003
 Public Consultation on Monitoring Fund-raising Activities 30.9.2003
 Draft Merger Guidelines for Hong Kong Telecommunications Markets (pdf format) 29.9.2003
 Review of the Regulatory Policy for Type II Interconnection (pdf format) 22.8.2003
 Amendments to Building Management Ordinance (pdf format) 31.7.2003
 Consultation paper on the proposal to empower the securities and futures commission to initiate a derivative action on behalf of a company (pdf format) 26.7.2003
 Consultation Paper of the Advisory Committee on the Promotion of the Fighting Spirit against SARS (pdf format) 10.7.2003
 Review of the Role and Functions of Public Sector Advisory and Statutory Bodies (pdf format) 31.5.2003
 Consultation on Proposed Reduction of Licence Fee for Fixed Carrier Licences Operating External Telecommunications Services Only (pdf format) 9.5.2003
 Study on the Potential Applications of Renewable Energy in Hong Kong (pdf format) 6.4.2003
 Consultation Paper on Proposed Amendments to the Companies Ordinance to Facilitate Offers of Shares and Debentures (doc format) 31.3.2003
 Consultation Paper on Relaxation of Security of Tenure (pdf format) 22.3.2003
 Second report on the HKSAR under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (pdf format) 17.3.2003
 Consultancy Study on the Provision of Regional/District Cultural and Performance Facilities in Hong Kong (pdf format) 28.2.2003
 Language Education Review (pdf format) 28.2.2003
 Consultation Paper on Proposal To Set Up A Qualifications Framework And The Associated Quality Assurance Framework In Hong Kong (doc format) 10.2.2003
 Industry Consultation on Legal Framework of the Construction Industry Council (pdf format) 30.1.2003
 Industry Consultation on Operational Framework of the Voluntary Subcontractor Registration Scheme (pdf format) 30.1.2003


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