Consultation Papers in Archive (2007)


Consultation Paper Closing Date
Green Paper on Constitutional Development  (pdf format) 10.10.2007
Consultation paper on the Hague Convention on Choice of Court Agreements  (pdf format) 21.9.2007
Consultation Digest on Area Improvement Plan for the Shopping Areas of Mong Kok  (pdf format) 31.7.2007
A Proposal on an Environmental Levy on Plastic Shopping Bags 27.7.2007
Consultation Paper on allocation of spectrum for broadband wireless access (pdf format) 11.7.2007
Consultation paper on Enduring Powers of Attorney (pdf format) 30.6.2007
Consultation Paper on Companies Ordinance's Accounting and Auditing Provisions (pdf format) 29.6.2007
Consultation paper on the Review on Administration of Internet Domain Names in Hong Kong (pdf format) 15.6.2007
Consultation on Digital Broadcasting: Mobile TV and Related Issues  (pdf format) 11.5.2007
Public Consultation on Copyright Protection in the Digital Environment (pdf format) 30.4.2007
Public Consultation of ACA Strategies - 'Recommended HIV/AIDS Strategies for Hong Kong 2007-2011' (pdf format) 10.4.2007
Consultation on tax reforms 31.3.2007
Review of the Regulatory Framework for Universal Service Arrangements (pdf format) 28.2.2007
Consultation on competition policy (pdf format) 5.2.2007
Public consultation on spectrum policy framework (pdf format) 31.1.2007
Outline of the topics to be covered in the Second Periodic Report on the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region under the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (pdf format) 12.1.2007
Consultation on the provisions in the Generic Code of Practice on Television Programme Standards (TV Programme Code) governing the minimum duration of programme segments on domestic free television programme services (pdf format) 10.1.2007


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